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Slow WiFi in apartment. Why & How To Fix It.

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slow wifi in apartment

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Getting Slow WiFi in apartment while paying high rental to broadband service provider is one of the most common problem faced by people in cities.

Most people think, their WiFi router is faulty or they blame their internet service provider. But that is not the case. In this article, i will explain why slow WiFi in apartment is common issue and how to fix it.

Slow WiFi In Apartment. Why?


First you need to understand couple of basic thing how wifi is operated and why bandwidth is important but not main cause for slow wifi.

Wifi operated in radio frequency typically range between 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz. Now for layman terms you just think both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz are highway. All your data or internet traffic is going in out in that highway.

Now the slow wifi problem arise in densely populated area because everybody using wifi and everyone using the same 2.4 Ghz most rarely the 5 Ghz band as result there is congestion arise on highway it’s like everybody using same road creating a traffic jam. Another option is present in every wifi  it’s called channel ranging 1-11 and by default it set in automatic status  and maximum scenario it operated channel ranging 7-11  and everyone wifi doing the same  and create gridlock and you are getting slow speed on your wifi enable device.


How To Fix Slow WiFi In Apartment


Follow the following steps to fix your slow WiFi issue.

1. Use channel analyzer app on phone or your computer to locate available WiFi in your location. There are many free tools available on internet for analyzing your WiFi performance. A simple google search may help. For windows 10 user, can install and use this.


slow wifi analyzer for windows


2. When you identify WiFi check the frequency and channel on the graph.



3. Check for for the channel and frequency which are not used by other WiFi in your area.

4. Setup router on least congested channel or 5 Ghz frequency (If you have this option in your WiFi router).  If your router doesn’t support 5 Ghz frequency then just play with channel.




Quick Tips: You should always change the default user credentials in your router setting in order to stop unauthorized access into your router. Read more about some of the important WiFi security tips HERE.

And you will see improvement on WiFi speed and for bandwidth in layman terms it’s just capacity off your internet.

For example you’re using 1 Mbps bandwidth then the WiFi router always split and distributes that bandwidth among your device equally. So you have to very careful about that because if you are using 10 device and you have 512 kbps bandwidth then you will definitely get slow WiFi speed.

Find the Video Tutorial 


I hope, above article will help you to improvise your WiFi strength and resolve slow WiFi in apartment issue.  More over, i will strongly suggest you to go through the complete tips about How to speed up your WiFi connection written by our CEO. Where he has done in depth analysis and given many doable steps to follow.


How To Speed Up My WiFi Connection


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