A Complete List of Smartphone Repair Tools By Techyuga

List of Smart Phone repair tools
Smartphone repair is a kind of tricky work and if anyone wants to step into this industry then they must have the complete knowledge of the repairing tools those are required for repairing a smartphone of any brand with efficiency. These smartphone repair tools are costly and is an investment of lump-sum amount. So if you are thinking of long term then invest on these tools and while investing choose the best product available in the market. Don’t go for a cheaper option because cheaper equipment will not work for a long time and it doesn’t give the expected result. So it is better to choose the little expensive and branded one as that will be value for money.

One more thing everyone should keep in mind while buying smartphone repairing tools that smartphones are very sensitive and most parts inside any smartphone are very much sensitive to ESD or Static Electricity. Hence, it is very important to buy ESD- Safe repairing tools for smartphones. Here you get the complete list of smartphone repair tools & iPhone repair tools. Most of these tools can be bought from Amazon.

The List of Smartphone Repair Tools- 

1. Soldering Iron-  Always buy a good quality ESD-Safe soldering iron to solder small components like capacitor , resistor, diode, transistor, regulator, speaker, microphone, display etc. For mobile repairing 50 watt soldering iron is the best choice. Buy the easy to hold soldering iron for better grip or else you may burn your hand. The soldering iron must have option to choose and select different types and shapes of soldering tips or bits. Hakko and Weller are two world renowned manufacturers of soldering irons.2. Soldering Station- Soldering station is divided into two parts- station and the soldering iron. A soldering station can control temperature of the soldering job depending on the heat requirement. You can buy a separate soldering iron or you can buy the soldering station. The soldering iron is attached with the soldering station so the soldering work becomes much easier and faster than traditional soldering iron. When buying a soldering station for mobile phone repairing one must always select an ESD-Safe (Antistatic) model. Hakko and Weller are two world renowned brands who manufacture the best quality soldering tools. The complete soldering station is one of the important repairing tools for mobile or smartphone repair. So buy it carefully.3. PCB Holder/Stand- A PCB means Printed circuit board. A  PCB stand or holder is used to hold the PCB of any phone on the time of soldering or repairing. It creates a proper grip on the PCB that it does not move while repairing or soldering and it increase the quality of the work. It is a very important equipment to to work properly so buy a good quality PCB holder and you get many good PCB holder in low price.4. Solder Wire- To solder electronic components IC or jumper. The most solder wire consists 60:40 or 63:37 ration of  Tin & Lead. Now some company sell Lead-free solder wire  which mainly a composition of Tin , silver & Copper in the Ratio 96.5:3.0:0.5.  For mobile phone repairing you need 0.5mm solder wire is best . 5. Jumper Wire- This is a thin overlaid or covered copper wire used to jumper starting with one point then onto the next on the track of a mobile phone while repairing. To take care of numerous issues many people taking the necessary steps of versatile repairing by using jumper.6.Soldering Flux- Soldering flux is to clean PCB track and legs or pins of electronic components while soldering. Flux is applied before soldering to remove any oxide or contamination at the solder joints. Flux increase the quality of soldering. There are many good quality solder flux available in market.7. Paste Flux- This is also used while soldering. the above flux is in liquid form and this is in paste form.8.Solder Paste- Solder paste is mainly used for reballing the ICs. It is in paste form not liquid nor solid.9.Multimeter- Multimeter is used to discover issues, check track and parts. Continuously purchase a decent quality solid ESD-Safe advanced Multimeter for portable repairing works.10.Hot Air Blower- It is likewise called SMD (Surface Mount Device) revise framework and SMD repair framework. It has control to direct or oversee temperature and stream or hot air. Continuously purchase a decent quality ESD-Safe hot air blower.11. Magnifyinging Lamp- It is utilized to see the magnified perspective of the PCB of a cell phone. Most of the magnifying lamps have attached light. Magnifying lights are accessible in various amplification, for example, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 50x and so forth.12. BGA Kit- BGA means Ball Grid Array. BGA kit is Used to Reball and repair ball-type ICs.13. Ultrasonic Cleaner- It is used to clean PCB of a mobile phone and electronic components.14. Battery Booster- Battery booster boosts the power of battery of a mobile phone.15. DC Power Supply- Regulated DC (Direct Current) power supply is used to supply DC current to a mobile phone. Mostly DC power supply is been used by the repair person to switch ON a mobile phone without battery.16. Brush- Buy ESD- safe cleaning brushes as it is used for cleaning the PCB of a mobile phone while repairing.17. Blade Cutter- It is a important thing as it is used to remove lamination from jumper wire. It can also be used for several other purposes. This is a small but useful equipment.18. Nose Cutter- It is used in verious cutting purpose. You must have this in tool box.19. Point Cutter- It is also used for cutting purpose and a must have kit.20. PCB Cleaner /Thinner- Thinner or PCB cleaner is utilized to clean the PCB of a cell phone. The most well-known PCB cleaner utilized as a part of cell phone repairing is IPA or Isopropyl Alcohol. It is vital to purchase just great quality PCB cleaner as low quality PCB cleaners can harm the board21. Tweezers- While doing soldering or desoldering these tweezers are essential to hold electronic components, ICs, jumper wire etc.22. Precision Screwdriver- It is utilized to evacuate and fix screws while amassing and masking a cell phone. Accuracy screwdrivers of sizes T4, T5, T6 and brow are useful for most versatile repairing work.23. Mobile Opener- Now a days most of the smartphones are compact and they have non removable parts. These are used to open the body of a mobile phones.24. Screwdriver Kit- It has a few screwdrivers of various shapes and sizes to camouflage and collect a portable phone. Aven Tools is a widely acclaimed producer, exporter and provider of a wide range of devices and toolboxs.25. Desoldering Wire- Desolder wire is used to remove excess solder from track of PCB. Chemtronics is world renowned manufacturer and supplier of Desoldering wire.26. IRDA or Infrared Workstation- This machine is like hot air blower. Just contrast is that it gives warm through infrared. It is exceptionally exact and give warm just where it is required along these lines keeping any harm to adjacent electronic segments on a PCB.27. Microscope- It is utilized to see an amplified perspective of PCB or electronic parts. These are accessible in various zoom choices. Numerous magnifying lens can likewise be associated with a PC or a screen.28. LCD Tester- Used to check whether the phone’s LCD screen is faulty or not.29. Test JIG Box- This gadget is utilized to analyze and discover blame or issue in a cell phone. It encourages the cell phone to work and capacity regularly outside its case. This tests and check voltage and other test focuses on the PCB. It basic words it enables the a portable to telephone to work without battery.30. Cleaning Sponge- This is used to clean tip of soldering iron while soldering.31. Battery Tester- Battery tester is been utilized to test and analyze status or condition of battery of a mobile.32. Wrist Strap- It works in the wrist of the individual who is repairing a cell phone. It releases or ground static charge in this way keeping the PCB or electronic parts from any harm.33. Antistatic Hand Gloves & Apron- It is important to wear ESD-Safe hand gloves & apron while repairing a smartphone to prevent PCB and electronic components from static charge.34. Antistatic Mat- It is laid or set on the table or workbench where versatile repairing is finished. The tangle is grounded utilizing an establishing string or ordinary establishing wire. This additionally keeps harm from electricity produced via friction.35. Smoke Absorber-  It works as an exhaust fan that helps to filter out the smoke that comes out on the time of soldering and desoldering.For iphone you need some special repairing tools than the smart phones. If you want to repair iPhone then you have to have this small tools in your tool box. Here is the list –

Repairing Tools for iPhone-

1. Nylon Spudger- The Nylon Spudger is a lean, mean, hostile to static machine that is ideal for those circumstances when you open up your telephone to repair it and abruptly understand that the pieces inside your cell phone are unreasonably little to control with your fingers. As the name “Nylon Spudger” infers, it’s made of nylon, and is antistatic, so it’s ideal for jabbing or goading touchy electronic segments without dread of harming them. The opposite end of the Nylon Spudger has an indent that is ideal for snaring wires.2. iPhone 5-Point Pentalobe Screwdriver- The iPhone 5-Point Pentalobe Screwdriver is an absolute necessity have for iPhone proprietors. The iPhone 5,5C,5S,6, and the iPhone 6 Plus all have a special five point screw situated at the base of the telephone. The iPhone 5-Point Pentalobe Screwdriver is particularly intended to fit these screws, enabling access to the inside of the telephone.3. Precision Knife Set- Six distinct edges and an advanced, all-metal handle influence the Precision To cut Set the culminate apparatus for when you’re cutting, scratching, cleaning, or playing out some other telephone repair assignment that requires a sharp question, which happens more than you may might suspect.4. Small Phillips Screwdriver- The Small Phillips Screwdriver is one of the most essential smartphone & tablet repair tools, since virtually all mobile devices contain these types of screws. It’s also a great tool to have around for other projects containing small screws.5. Fine Tipped Curved Tweezers- Curved tweezers with a fine tip are basic for getting and taking care of little parts like screws and different bits amid the cell phone repair process. Curved tweezers are more perfect for PDA repair ventures since they permit you more access, perceivability, and control when you require it most. Each combine of Fine Tip Curved Tweezers from Fixez experience a multi-point investigation procedure to guarantee they meet our strict quality norms previously they’re delivered straight to your front entryway.6. T5 Torx Screwdriver- Not all screws are made similarly. The T5 Torx Screwdriver is made to fit T5 screws, which are described by both their little size and their 6-point star head shape. Regularly, Motorola, Samsung, and LG telephones are held together with T5 screws, however it’s dependably a, smart thought to check similarity with the convenient Fixez guides before requesting.

Watch Video On Smartphone Repair Tools

Hope this list will guide you properly to choose repairing tools for smartphone and iPhone. You can buy these tools seperately or in a tool box package.

Techyuga’s Expertise-

Techyuga being the best in Smartphone and iPhone repair in Kolkata believes in giving best service always. Techyuga has been known for it’s expertise in every field of providing service. here is the reason why techyuga is best-

Certified Engineers

Techyuga has certified engineers for your smartphone. As in servicing what you need 1st is the quality service. And Techyuga’s engineers use all the necessary repairing tools and ESD safe equipments to repair smartphone and iPhone.

Free Pickup and Drop Service

The engineers of techyuga for giving the most safe and efficient service provide free pickup and delivery of your device. They repair your device at their workshop with all safety tools without taking any risk with your device.

Fastest Technical Support

If you book a technician for your device you will get technical support from our side exact on time. You will get technician at your home with in 1 hour of your booking. Also repair your device within 24 hours.

Professional Customer Support

Our efficient team of customer support is always at your service. They are always ready to help you at any situation. We believe communication is the key of success and our customer support team is always there to communicate with our customers.

Brands that we cover in Smartphones

With the help of our extremely professional and efficient Engineers  and repairing tools we are able to repair all kind of brand’s smartphones. here is the list of some of the brands that we cover.

 I hope you found this article useful. Please leave your view in the comment section.

Techyuga is India’s no 1 service center for any kind of smartphone repair. In case you need any help regarding your smartphone, call us on 9088888835 | Live Chat | Book A Repair Job

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