How To Subtract In Excel With Excel Subtraction Formula.

Subtract is one of the basic Mathematics in our school life. You can simply Minus numbers to another number. But can you know in the Excel sheet there have many more ways to subtract? If you don’t we will discuss Excel subtracts formulas and how You can do anything like numbers, percentages, and subtraction in your excel sheet. Are you ready to improve your Excel skills? Let’s get started.

Ways To Subtract In Excel By Using Excel Subtraction Formula

How To Subtract Cells in Excel.

Steps To subtract cELLS iN eXCEL
Follow these simple steps to subtract cells in Excel.
After opening the excel sheet, you can put your numbers into the cells one by one you want to subtract.

subtract cell in excel
Step 2
After you put your numbers, you have to follow the Excel Subtraction Formula.

The basic formula is = cell No. A1 – cell No.A3. After this press, Enter Botton and your subtract will do. Your result will show in A_4cell.

Excel subtraction formula

Note: In your worksheet where you want to get results here you have to follow some steps.

At first, you can put (=) sign
Then put the Row or Cell numbers like (A1), and (A3) which you want to Subtract.
Use subtract the (-) sign in between the cell numbers.
After that Press Enter and get the result.

How to subtract columns in Excel

Steps To Subtract Columns In Excel
Follows These steps to Subtract Columns In Excel
Step 1:
Enter all numbers you want to subtract, here we calculate the value of column A data by subtracting column B data and placing the difference in column C for each row.
How to Subtract in Excel 2016
Step 2:
First, enter the formula “= A1-B1 ” in the cell “C1”, and press Enter on the keyboard, then you get the result of row 1.

How to Subtract in Excel 2016
Step 3:
Next, select “C1” and move the mouse to the bottom right corner of it, a small black cross appears. Left-click the mouse and drag to the last row.
How to Subtract in Excel 2016

How to Subtract in Excel 2016
Step 4:
Now you get the method of how to subtract in excel. If there are a large number of numbers, simply double-click the small black cross, and the result is the same.

How to Subtract in Excel 2016

How to Calculate Subtract percentage in Excel.

If your company is in a share market and you want to know profit or lose percentages % in your business so you take this formula. Not only that students can calculate the mathematics and mark percentages very easy way in an Excel sheet.
Step 1:
Put the numbers in your cell you want to get Percentage like here A1 Rs.1000 is the total of Number and B1 25% is the percentage by which Increase or decrease that amount.
Step 2:
Then you have to write the formula =A1*(1-B1) and then press enter button. You can get your result.

substract percentage calculater in excel


When you calculate Your percentage in this formula 1 is equivalent to 100. If you increase your percentage amount you can write 1+ in the bracket or the Decrease should be 1-. so don’t mistake.* is the sign of Multiply.

How To Subtract Days from Date Excel

If you want to calculate months between two dates then Excel Subtraction Formula also helps you the easy way. and you also analyze your date information on this formula.

  • Step 1

at first input your dates into the cell. Then Write normally subtract the formula in the last cell and get a result. it’s a simple process to know the date and month calculating

  • Step 2

You can apply this formula to get results. =DATE(2015,2,1)-DATE(2015,1,1)

How To Matrix subtraction Calculator in Excel sheet.

Do you Know about Matrix? the excel sheet Matrix has two rows and three columns and that is called 2×3 Matrix.

  • Step 1

input the matrix numbers and select the same numbers of rows and columns.

Matrix subtracting formula in excel
  • Step 2

Then type Matrix formula like (A2:C4)-(E2:G4)

Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to get result.

Matrix subtraction in excel

How To Subtract the text of one cell from another cell in Excel

There is various type of Subtract formula in the excel workbook but we have to know one of the easy processes to subtract one cell from another. so the formula is below.

  • Step 1

Firstly you have put the numbers in column A under the Rows.

Subtract text of one cell from another cell

In the B1 column you write subtract number and then place the cursor in column C1. after that write in this column = then write column A1-B1 before they enter press F4 key. other Numbers make a copy of the B1 column then Ctrl +c and Ctrl+v in C1:C8 and get the whole result.

subtract text of one cell from another cell in excel

Conclusion on How To Do Subtraction In Excel With Excel Subtraction Formula

So above here, we have discussed the steps by which you can do substation with the use of various combinations of shortcut keys in excel to perform multiple functions easily. If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comment section below. We will get back to you ASAP.

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