Five symptoms of Laptop Malfunction

“Laptop malfunction symptoms? Huh! That is something I have never heard of.” Not everyone knows that there are symptoms of laptop malfunction. and trust us do not take those symptoms lightly. These symptoms are –

Symptoms of Laptop Malfunction

Slow & Unresponsive Performance:

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Its not everytime that if the PC is slowing down means that the laptop is going to malfunction because sometimes lack of space or non-compatible r.a.m can cause this too however when everything is alright and you feel that everyday your PC is getting sluggish and slow then that is serious. It could be a malware infection or worse someone has already hacked your PC.  Start with a thorough malware scan. Then check the programs that may be running in the background. On Windows, open the Task Manager (to find it, search for the program’s name via the taskbar), and on macOS, the Activity Monitor (search for it in Spotlight). You’ll see a list of currently-active programs, including some familiar names and some strange ones. Don’t expect to recognize everything here—active processes you haven’t seen before aren’t necessarily bad. Just try searching for those processes online to learn more about them.

If a malware scan comes up blank, and you can’t find anything suspicious in the list of running applications, the culprit may be a non-malicious buggy program. Try shutting down your open windows one by one and then restarting those programs. Or, if you notice that one of the active programs in the list is using up a lot of memory, you can try uninstalling it.

The slow performance may simply be a symptom of your laptop’s age. But all is not lost: We have tips for speeding up old computers, whether they’re Windows or macOS.

Continuous Error Message:

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Every laptop gets error codes now and then it does not mean that your laptop malfunction is inevitable. On the other hand it is when it keeps popping up every now and then its serious, start with the text of the error message and any codes it includes. Then go online and type that information into your favorite search engine. You should find some pointers on what’s going wrong and how you might be able to fix it.

If your results indicate that errors are related to one specific program, then you have a relatively easy fix: Uninstalling and reinstalling that application is one of the most effective ways to make everything run smoothly again.

You can’t diagnose every issue this easily. When you’re receiving shorter error messages, the text may turn up fewer search results, which can make them harder to troubleshoot. For more information, look at the message’s timing. When viruses and malware are causing issues, for example, they often trigger errors that appear when your computer is booting up or shutting down, or when you’re trying to configure your security programs. Alternatively, if you tend to see messages while you’re attaching a Bluetooth keyboard or another peripheral device, that gadget’s outdated software may be to blame.

Sudden Settings Change:

A sudden change in settings means if you see few of your settings which were not there at first suddenly starts to pop up and makes your softwares and applications go haywire your machine has probably caught a virus. After gaining access to your system, malware will often alter your settings for its own purposes, such as preventing you from removing it. For example the %RECYCLE.BIN% virus which slows down your computer disables the antivirus and creates more files as system volume information & desktop.ini and it also attracts more virus and malwares whenever you go online.

Not on your PC you’ll first notice these changes in your browser. The infection might disable certain features, change your homepage, or reset your default search engine. Sometimes, new extensions that want to push their own services, rather than viruses, will alter your browser settings. Its called a HIJACKER.

If this takes place it is better to get your PC formatted because the browser will be unusable and even if your try uninstall and reinstall the result will be same because the HIJACKER will be hiding in the system files which you will not be able to detect and it will cause laptop malfunction.

Rapid web pop ups:

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Rapid pop ups happen because of a hijacker also its a virus that steals user data for the hacker sends every user data from your bank account number to your last bought thing from online. After this it will install useless apps in your system crash it completely.

Internal Noise:

Sometimes when your parts starts to wear out when your laptop starts making beeping sounds now and then and gradually does it more often heats up that means its time to change the laptop or the parts or the laptop malfunction will occur.


How can we help with Laptop Malfunction

We are a team of trained technician who are authorized and highly skilled with a 99.99% success rate in the tech business and if you are facing any of the above issues just give us a holler we will be at your doorsteps.

Why us you ask? We will tell you why

Tidy workplace:

We know how delicate every board or chip or a single circuit can be so we keep our workstation and workshop clean and tidy so there is no dust which can get in while laptop repairing or laptop servicing or be doing any gadget repair.



We understand how our client and customers want us to behave more than that we value the time of ours as well as the customer’s so we do not sit and chit chat or waste time while our customers wait for our response. So being professional is just one of our traits.



Now here comes a question that how we keep all the parts protected. We do paper works for every part every individual deal made we take the signature of the customer on every removable part of every device. and we use the sticker to mark them with your ticket number. And we do not provide duplicate parts, that is just how we work.



We do not think that a customer is a one-time rodeo we believe in building a relationship with our customer so naturally we take what is legit and we do not over charge no matter what the situation is if the customer is in a hurry or the situation is an emergency we still don’t over charge.


Authorized technician:

We do not have just one authorized technician we have teams of authorized technicians every team is expert in their own niche, for example, we have a team of Apple experts who only works on Apple products and nothing else. And because we have guys like these we do a testing process after our work is done I can bet no laptop service center in Shyambazar runs the test on their repaired devices that too for 48 hours straight without stopping pushing the device to the limit.

Only then we mark it with “OK TESTED” badge.


Time of delivery:

We know how valuable time is so we do not mess around with time if we are late which is a very rare case that means the device has failed the repair quality test and we are running our tests again apart from this every device is delivered on time every time to every customer.


Our engineers are available to attend you anytime between 8 AM to 10 PM. Most of the days, our engineers have to work up to 2 AM at customer’s home to fulfill their requirements. And we are happy to see, how much people respect our dedication.

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