Now, Apple iPhone Repaired With Techyuga Won’t Void Your Apple warranty.

Does Techyuga Repair Void Apple Warranty? Ans Is BIG NO!

Repairing your Apple iPhone with Techyuga does not void your existing Apple Warranty. This the most Frequently Ask Question By every iPhone Customer of ours.

One of the most common problems is that the iPhone user has to deal with is a cracked screen. Smartphone screens can only withstand accidental and minor bumps but in case the iPhone is not true it’s more fragile than any other smartphone in the market,( not the latest iPhone Model). iPhone Screen is easy to crack.

iPhone Screen Broken is the most common problem faced by iPhone users. And the biggest part is repair or replacement. In Apple Care or Apple Service Center if your device under warranty Broken Screen Won’t Cover That. So you have to Pay Full amount, which is a hefty amount, Range Can be Rs.11500-Rs.37000.

Here Come in Light Third-Party Repair Like Techyuga. But until Last Year Apple Policy was any Repair by Third Party will void Apple warranty, also opening your iPhone void warranty.

But Recent battle between Apple and the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC). Apple Lost, And Change there policy that thrids party repair won’t void the warranty . Following the ruling that was published on 19th June 2018, the ACCC confirmed that “…Consumers are able to have their iPads and iPhones screens repaired and have other repairs done by third-party repairers, so long as that repair doesn’t impact on the underlying operation of the iPad or iPhone,”.

Also in the USA The Federal Court also ordered Apple Inc (Apple US) to pay $9 million in penalties for making false or misleading representations to customers with faulty iPhones and iPads.

So now consumers have the option to repair their iPhone or iPad MacBook using more low-cost solutions such as Techyuga and still maintain their existing Apple warranty or Apple Care Plan.

​Precautionary Tips Before Getting Your iPhone Repaired At A Third Party.

  • Don’t Go to Any Local Cheap Shop (They Will Damage the device )
  • Look For Best Brand Who Repair and Have prior Exeprtiese min 2+ Year

Techyuga We are India’s No 1Repair Company. We Repair Daily 100-600 Apple iPhone PAN INDIA.

All Our Engineers Are Certified Engineer With Previous Repair and And Repair Traning Experience min 2yrs. As Result Techyuga Provide Best iPhone Repair India. Apple iPhone Repaired With Techyuga won’t void your Apple warranty. Also opening your iPhone or iPhone Screen Replacement by Techyuga Engineer Won’t void the warranty.

For More Details, You Can Check Our Website or Call Us 9088888835 or Follow Our YouTube Channel.

Techyuga Team

Techyuga Team

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