Things you need to do with your new iPhone

Apple iPhone can be a bit confusing if you have just shifted from an android. You do not know what to do or how to do it however in this article we can guide you through the process. Here are few things you need to do with your new iPhone.


Things You Need To Do With Your New iPhone


Create an Apple ID:

For using the apple app store this is the first thing you will need to do create an apple ID by using which you can download and install the necessary apps such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook etc. This free account not only lets you buy music, movies, apps, and more at iTunes, it’s also the account you use for other useful features like iMessage, iCloud, Find My iPhone, FaceTime, and many other awesome technologies on the iPhone. Technically you can skip setting up an Apple ID, but without it, you won’t be able to do a lot of things that make the iPhone great. This is an absolute requirement.


Apple iPhone ID


Install iTunes:

This is really essential if you are a music lover you need to install the iTunes software in your laptop or desktop by using which you can sync your iPhone and transfer songs from your desktop or laptop to your iPhone.

It’s also the tool that lets you add and remove music, video, photos, apps, and more from your iPhone. And it’s where a number of settings related to what goes on your iPhone live. Needless to say, it’s pretty crucial to using your iPhone.

Macs come with iTunes pre-installed; if you have Windows, you’ll need to download it (luckily it’s a free download from Apple). Get instructions on downloading and installing iTunes¬†on Windows.


Apple iTunes


Activate the iPhone:

The first thing you need to do is activate the iPhone. The basic setup process activates the iPhone and lets you choose basic settings for using features like FaceTime, Find My iPhone, iMessage, and more. You can change those settings later if you want but start here.


Set up apple iphone



Setup and Sync the iPhone:

Once you got your Apple ID and iTunes ready plug your phone to your PC and sync the phone with your PC transfer images, music, videos, ebooks etc.


Configure iCloud:

Using your iPhone gets much easier when you have iCloud‚ÄĒespecially if you’ve got more than one computer or mobile device that has your music, apps, or other data on it. iCloud collects a lot of features together into a single tool, including the ability to back up your data to Apple’s servers and re-install it over the Internet with one click or automatically sync data across devices. iCloud also allows you to re-download anything you’ve bought at the iTunes Store. So, even if you lose or delete them, your purchases are never truly gone. And it’s free!


configure iCloud


Set up find my iPhone option:

This is a really important feature to activate at the very first time start using an iPhone.¬†Find My iPhone is a feature of iCloud that lets you use the iPhone’s built-in GPS to pinpoint its location on a map. You’re going to be glad you have this if your iPhone ever goes lost or gets stolen. In that case, you’ll be able to locate it down to the part of the street it’s on. That’s important information to give to the police when you’re trying to recover a stolen phone.


Find my iPhone


Set up touch ID security:

Touch ID another layer of security that you should activate the moment you turn on your phone.¬† Touch ID is the fingerprint scanner built into the Home button on the iPhone 5S, 6 series, 6S series, and 7 series (it’s also part of some iPads). While Touch ID was originally¬†only used for unlocking the phone, and making iTunes or App Store purchases, these days any app can use it. That means that any app that uses a password or needs to keep data secure can start using it. Not only that, but it’s also an important security feature for Apple Pay, Apple’s wireless payments system. Touch ID is simple to set up and easy to use‚ÄĒand makes your phone more secure‚ÄĒso you should use it.


Apple Touch ID


Set Up Apple Pay:

If you’ve got an iPhone 6 series or higher, you need to check out Apple Pay. Apple’s wireless payment system is super easy to use, gets you through check-out lines faster, and is much more secure than using your normal credit or debit card.


Apple pay


Set up the medical ID:

With the addition of the Health app in iOS 8 and higher, iPhones and other iOS devices are starting to take important roles in our health. One of the easiest, and potentially most helpful, ways you can take advantage of this is by setting up a Medical ID.

This tool lets you add information that you’d want first respondents to have in case of a medical emergency. This could include medications you take, serious allergies, emergency contacts‚ÄĒanything someone would need to know when giving you medical attention if you aren’t able to talk.


Apple medical id


Install new apps:

Once you’ve spent a little time with the built-in apps, your next stop is the App Store, where you can get all kinds of new programs. Whether you’re looking for games or an app to watch Netflix on your iPhone, ideas on what to make for dinner or apps to help you improve your workouts, you’ll find them at the App Store.


Apple app store



This is what you should do if you are new to Apple iPhone.


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