How To Fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine

Facing This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine Especially in India south-east Asia and Africa many of still use pirated windows or fall victim of pirate windows scam. So when you user connects there PC over the internet they see a message Windows is not Genuine. In this article, we are going to show you How to To Fix Windows Not Genuine.

We are promoting the use of pirated OS. By this method, you add another 120 days buffer time to use the Window Os. In the meantime, we suggest you buy the new license from windows store or recover your serial key or visit us. So let’s Begin

How to To Fix This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine

Step by step How to Fix This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine:


Step 1. Open Cmd  as Administrator



Step 2:  In Command Prompt Type “slmgr -rearm”



Step 3: Hit Enter You Will See A message pops ups



Step 5: We are Done Restart the Pc and You will not see the windows not genuine Message for another 120 days.

Watch Video Tutorial On Fixing  This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine Issue

This is How you Fix This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine Problem.   something needs to remember that this process has it’s on limitation if you think you can use this process as long as you can and not buying genuine  Os then you are wrong. This step gives additional days and you can use only 3 times this process after it won’t work. So don’t be pirate and doing Arrr !!  Buy Genuine Windows OS.

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Hope this tutorial helps you to fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not a Genuine issue.

Techyuga Team

Techyuga Team

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  2. That’s what I keyed in. I hit Enter and nothing happened. No error message, no window popping up, nothing but the carriage return and a new copy of the C:\> prompt appearing.

  3. That’s a great article by you. You are genius.

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