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Top 5 benefits of SkyDrive cloud storage in order to boost your productivity : Get 7gb of free SkyDrive cloud storage memory. Here’s How –


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The advent of high-speed broadband and mobile technology means it is easier than ever for business leaders and employees to work productively away from the main office. With cloud services at their fingertips, they are able to access key files, documents, data and software solutions online from any location.

With Microsoft’s SkyDrive, users can create their own online library, meaning everything they need is available from any location. All they need to do is log in with their account username and password to have ready access to their files.

Let’s take a closer look at SkyDrive, and consider some of the main benefits of secure online storage.

Free online storage

Each SkyDrive user has access to 7GB of free online cloud storage, which should be more than enough for all their files and documents. These can be kept private, or shared in a folder with colleagues if an element of collaboration is required. SkyDrive storage can serve as an effective business continuity measure, should a company suffer hardware theft, technology breakdown, data loss or any other unexpected disaster, such as a fire or flood.


Outlook one drive storage


Anywhere access

When files and documents are stored in the cloud, users have access to them from almost any location. All they will need to enter SkyDrive is internet connectivity, a web-enabled device and the required usernames and passwords. This allows business leaders and employees to work at home, on the move, or from other remote locations away from the office.


Mobile functionality

Smartphone and tablet users have the option of accessing SkyDrive from apps on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android, allowing them to view, share, and upload files from anywhere. Providing a Wi-Fi connection is available, there is no need to tether with a USB cable.


Outlook mobile app


Use Office tools

SkyDrive users have access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote in their browser with SkyDrive and free Office Web Apps. This allows them to work online from almost any location and share documents as required. Should they wish to use the full-featured desktop version of Microsoft Office, this is fully compatible with SkyDrive.




Sync with apps

SkyDrive works well alongside users’ other apps, which can be given permission to sync, access, and save files to SkyDrive. This makes it easier to keep files and documents in a single location with ready access.


Microsoft Outlook Onedrive


Find out more about cloud-based storage with SkyDrive by clicking here.

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