TorGuard VPN Review- Why this the best for China(2019)

TorGuard VPN Review

TorGuard VPN Review- General Features

COST$4.99/monthly i.e Rs 355.07/ month and up

TorGuard VPN Review- Introduction

TorGuard VPN was essentially made for Torrenting, but has now grown to bigger global VPN
service that is being used allover. It doesn’t have anything to do with TOR actually or other
proxy service that people use to access deep web. The main question lies whether it is worth
using or not. This is what we are going to address in this TorGuard VPN Review.

It is rated number 14th out of 74 VPNs.

TorGuard VPN Review- Pros

Packed with Essential and Important Features

TorGuard VPN comes with many important features and perks, such as:
Anonymous IP
Torrenting allowed
Five simultaneous connections
OpenVPN/PPTP/L2TP/IPsec/SSTP/iKEV2 protocols
3000+ servers in 50+ countries (the figure might have increased)
But it’s for sure that all the convenient features in the world won’t help you if your VPN isn’t
secure. Fortunately, TorGuard VPN employs some of the best modern technology for keeping your
data completely safe. First, it supports a wide variety of VPN protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP,
L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, and iKEV2. So if you need to switch to another protocol, or you just prefer not
to use the industry-standard OpenVPN, you have plenty of choices. (Of course, I generally
recommend OpenVPN if you can use it.) You can also use AES-256 encryption, which is the
industry standard for strong protection. There are other options if you want them, but using
256-bit encryption is your best bet for staying secure. TorGuard VPN’s secure DNS servers and built-
in DNS and IPv6 leak protection add another level of security. While some VPNs tell you to turn
off IPv6, TorGuard has a built-in option for preventing leaks, saving you the hassle of figuring
out how to dig into your computer’s settings to make the tweaks. That’s something I really like
to see. You also have the option to completely turn off your internet connection when
TorGuard isn’t running to ensure that you’re always protected when you’re on the internet. No
more forgetting to turn on your VPN. And finally, you can use TorGuard VPN on Windows, Mac, iOS,
Android, and both DD-WRT and Tomato routers. No matter where your traffic is coming from,
you can protect it with TorGuard VPN.

Solid Speed Performance

Before writing this TorGuard VPN review it was tested that on a 100 Mbps connection, TorGuard VPN
managed to pull a respectable 54 Mbps download speed. That’s not the fastest out there, but it’s fast
enough for just about anything you might need. Here are the results of our tests on various worldwide
US Server (New York)
Ping: 120ms
Download: 31.66 Mbps
Upload: 31.16 Mbps
EU Server (Amsterdam)
Ping: 40ms
Download: 53.83 Mbps
Upload: 49.31 Mbps
Asia Server (Hong Kong)
Ping: 296ms
Download: 9.59 Mbps
Upload: 12.62 Mbps
UK Server (London)
Ping: 46ms
Download: 38.56 Mbps
Upload: 47.78 Mbps
The Hong-Kong-based server suffered a lot in their download speed, so if you plan on
routing through Asian servers, you may want to take that into account. Otherwise, the
numbers are pretty good all around.

Commitment to Torrenting

Many People use VPNs for torrenting, but it can be difficult to know whether or not you could be
punished for using it. No VPN provider is going to intentionally shield illegal activity, but some
are more torrent-positive than others. TorGuard is one of them—it’s right in the name. The fact
that you can get a bundle with a proxy meant solely for torrenting at higher speeds than you
might get on a VPN is indicative of the company’s dedication. TorGuard also states that their
servers are “optimized for the best possible performance when downloading torrents.” They
don’t say what that means, and there’s a very clear chance that it’s just how the marketing-
speak, but it’s still a good sign. And while it’s difficult to tell how many servers and how many
countries TorGuard represents (because there are different numbers all over their website),
they do have a wide international selection, which should help you optimize your torrent

Dedicated IP Addresses for Streaming

If your plan is to use TorGuard VPN in order to get proper access to Netflix or another streaming
service, you can take advantage of their dedicated IP addresses. This allows you to get the
access of the streaming service from an IP address not linked to TorGuard… which means you
should get very consistent access without proxy errors. Isn’t it great? But don’t forget it’s going
to cost you. When you pay for your VPN, you can choose a dedicated IP address as an add-on
for an additional $16 I e Rs 1138.50. TorGuard Full Pricing in 2018 was not a lot, but it does add
to the bill. That could be considered a positive thing, because the dedicated IP address is
extremely useful; but other VPNs offer successful Netflix streaming without the extra cost. So
you’ll have to weigh the cost for yourself.

Solid Security and Stealthing

A range of VPN protocols, including OpenVPN, solid encryption, and the ability to disguise VPN
traffic as regular traffic to get around VPN blockers all make this a good choice for anyone
worried about surveillance or censorship. Hiding your VPN traffic isn’t always 100% effective,
but I like to see VPNs giving it a shot. It also tends to help with things like streaming Netflix in
other countries.

No Leaks Detected till date

TorGuard is another leak-free VPN according to our tests that we did before writing this TorGuard
VPN review. It is put through the same series of checks that all of our VPNs face. And TorGuard
passed with flying colors.

This is clearly a company that cares about leaks. They’ve gone out of their way to create a
secure product, and backed that up with a built-in kill switch. Think of a kill-switch like an
escape pod on a starship. There’s always an emergency door or window everywhere for safe
exit during emergencies. A kill-switch is a similar concept. If a leak is detected, the kill-switch
activates, ending your session and preserving the integrity of your browsing. Plus, the
installation files were also as clean as they come! Torguard virus total test

No Logging

A notable feature to be mentioned in this TorGuard VPN review is that it is very clear about its
logging policy. does not store or log any traffic or usage from its Virtual Private
Network (VPN) or Proxy. The service collects information from you when you buy their products,
but that’s it. Which means they won’t be selling your information to advertisers or handing it over,
even if law enforcement shows up with a warrant. And while it wasn’t easy to find out where TorGuard
is headquartered (and can’t actually be confirmed), I found out that they’re located in the US, Florida
which undoubtedly is strange.

24/7 Live Customer Support

Now let’s talk about the availability of Customer support in this TorGuard VPN Review.
Poor customer service is hated the most. Many boycott high-quality brands due to rude
and ill-mannered customer support. Luckily, the customer service offered by TorGuard is some
of the best that have seen in the industry. They offer 24/7 support through a call center, live
chat, and support tickets. And unlike some companies in the industry (PIA) TorGuard actually
offers 24/7 support, not just a glorified support ticket system. They respond to queries in
minutes which is a pleasant surprise. While their support team might not be quite as fast as
Buffered or ExpressVPN, if you can stomach the 5 minute wait time, TorGuard provides
excellent and efficient customer service that sets a benchmark for the entire industry.

Netflix costs Extra, But it only one out of Four

I must mention in this TorGuard VPN review that their basic VPN doesn’t work with Netflix nor does
their proxy service. It’s a shame because when I was using their VPN, I couldn’t get access to Netflix
either. There were some errors noticed. When their customer support was contacted, they said that a " dedicated IP” had to be purchased which cost $7.99/monthly extra in addition to the expensive
VPN. This is where a person would feel like stepping back. Almost $30/mo just to access Netflix which
you can do with NordVPN and it only costs $2.99. To end on a positive, the New York server works properly
and this is the reason why this is still listed here under the Pros, despite only getting 1/4 working. You’d
expect a better ratio for the up-sell, though. So it is recommended checking out the best Netflix VPNs we’ve
found if that’s your selling point.

TorGuard VPN Review- Cons

Potentially Stolen Code

Back in 2015, posted a detailed blog about the similarities between their own browser
extension and TorGuard’s extension. The code was almost exactly the same, suggesting that
TorGuard VPN may have copied it. However, also pointed out that TorGuard’s version
of the extension had some notable security vulnerabilities that weren’t present in their own
extension. These vulnerabilities could have led to users’ data being leaked. Fortunately, that
didn’t happen (as far as anyone knows, anyway). TorGuard quickly made some changes to their
extension but never made any satisfying public comment to explain their actions or apologize.
While this particular lapse in judgment isn’t likely to affect your security or privacy when using
TorGuard, it’s still worrying. If they incorrectly copied the code from one company, they could
do it again. It seems unlikely that they’d make the same mistake twice, but it wouldn’t be the
first time. So, you’ll just have to decide for yourself how big of a deal this one is.

Third-Party Apps Required on iOS and Android

To use TorGuard’s VPN services on your mobile device, you’ll need either the iOS or Android
app. But you’ll also need the OpenVPN Connect app. Is that a big deal? No, probably not. But

the fact that you need an entirely different app to get the VPN to work is annoying, and it adds
another step to what we’d prefer to be a very simple process. Other VPNs that offer mobile
apps usually find a way to make them work without requiring a third-party app.

Jurisdiction Inside 14-Eyes

As I mentioned a moment ago, TorGuard is a VPN provider and has nothing to with TOR, the
deep web browser. TorGuard VPN states that the “Tor” in their name is a reference to torrents, and
protecting your computer while you use BitTorrent. However, TorGuard appears to be owned
by a company called VPNetworks LLC in Orlando Sadly, this means they’re located in the US that
can request VPN companies to handle over the information they have about their clients (hint:
HideMyAss). It’s much safer to use a VPN that is located in the BVI, Panama or even

TorGuard Pricing, Plans & some other important Facts

It’s not easy to find all of these prices on the TorGuard website, and if you want to purchase a
bundle plan for more than a month, you may find it difficult. But if you get in touch with
TorGuard VPN’s customer support, they should be able to hook you up with the plan you’re looking
for. Here are your options which is still not completely clear on their website for VPN pricing:
Here are the TorGuard Pricing Options that I took down before writing this TorGuard VPN Review:
Monthly VPN plan: $9.99 i.e Rs 709.89
Quarterly VPN plan: $19.99 i.e Rs 1420.49
Semi-annual VPN plan: $29.99 Rs 2131.09
Annual VPN plan: $59.99 i.e Rs 4262.89
Biennial VPN plan: $99.99 i.e Rs 7105.29
As you might expect, the biennial plan is the most economical, working out to just over $4 per
month. All in all, TorGuard has solid prices. They’re not the cheapest, but they’re not the most
expensive, either. If you want a proxy in addition to your VPN, this is a tough service to beat. All
of their plans come with a 7-day money-back guarantee. Here’s a quick recap of what you can
expect from TorGuard:
No logging: Yes.
Ease of the VPN software: Not the best usability, a bit old school 3/5.
Hidden fees & clauses: None.
Upsells: Proxy and Anonymous email upsells.

Instant access after payment: Took 20min to verify PayPal payment.
DNS leaks: None.
Jurisdiction: Florida, US.
Protocols: OpenVPN, IPSec, PPTP & L2TP.
Kill-switch: Yes.

So, Is TorGuard VPN Recommended?

Despite a number of notable strengths mentioned previously in this TorGuard VPN review, I don’t
recommend using TorGuard VPN. On the other hand, I don’t caution you against using it, either. It’s not
that TorGuard is bad; it’s just that there are a lot of VPNs out there that are better. TorGuard has
great security, but so do most other major VPNs. It has decent speed, whereas you can get blazing
fast speeds if you get the right provider. Its prices are good, but not great. It supports torrenting, which
is nice, but will cost you extra if you want a dedicated IP address for Netflix streaming (and still only
1/4 worked). Then there are the inconveniences (and potential immoralities) in the cons column.
But, still TorGuard just doesn’t offer much for its price. However, if your looking something better than
this, opt for Express VPN or Nord VPN as both tops in the VPN rankings.

TorGuard VPN For China 

The great firewall of China or “The Golden Shield Project” is one of the most advanced security frameworks in the world. The design of the firewall forces censorship onto Chinese users blocking many popular social media platforms, services, and large websites. China is equally intolerable to VPN’s blocking every VPN services that doesn’t fall under the Chinese jurisdiction. Here TorGuard VPN stands out with its highly advanced security features like Stealth VPN servers and Stealth Proxy.

However, you need to set up TorGuard VPN in a particular way so that it works bypassing the Great Firewall of China. In this TorGuard VPN Review I am going to mention the steps as to how it  is to be done:

  1. First download TorGuard VPN (Windows, OSX, Linux or Android software supports Stealth)
  2. Run the newly installed VPN app and click then server menu, then pick a Stealth VPN server. (Asia Optimized is suggested for best performance from China. These servers have optimal peering to reach ISPs ChinaTelecom, ChinaUnicom, and Taiwan’s HiNet) while using OpenVPN obfuscation technology to help keep you hidden.
  3. Then you need to turn on TorGuard’s Stealth Proxy feature.
  4. TorGuard’s Stealth Proxy combined with Stealth VPN server work as a double-layered encryption approach that ensures your VPN connection stays invisible. TorGuard Stealth proxy tunnels your VPN connection process through an encrypted ShadowSocks proxy, adding yet another layer of obfuscation to your session.
  5. Here, since you are connecting from a region with strict censorship you should enable direct IP to connect. You can enable this by clicking settings, then network, then click “Workaround DNS block”–which functions as direct IP connection to the VPN server.

Also, Check Our VPN Section Where You will find  Lot’s Of Other Best VPN.

The best part about TorGuard VPN that we should mention in this TorGuard VPN Review is that their servers are never overloaded, and they are constantly adding more bandwidth and server locations to expand the network. Recently, they’ve added new servers in Guangdong China. Therefore TorGuard VPN for China is hands down the best VPN for China.

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