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Launched in the year 2014, VPN is one virtual private network, that had been created by a company called Trusted Solutions, LLC. Based out of Seychelles, a gorgeous archipelago of 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean, this is one of its kind.

So no more waste of money, no more waste of time. Let’s get straight to the greatness of this product. And justify yourself whether is really the one ‘you can count on’. VPN Review: Pros

Located in Seychelles (Outside Surveillance Alliance Jurisdiction)

Trust.Zone is based out of the Seychelles islands, specifically in Mahe. Aside from being a tropical paradise worthy of beverages served out of coconuts, Seychelles falls outside the jurisdiction of the three major surveillance alliances.

They are:

  • 5 Eyes Alliance – United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom
  • 9 Eyes Alliance – 5 Eyes Plus Denmark, France, The Netherlands, Norway
  • 14 Eyes Alliance – 9 Eyes Plus Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden

These nations pool their espionage efforts, so if your VPN provider is located in any of them and they “request” to see your information, you’re screwed.

Using a VPN from any of these countries is always a risk. They can demand your data at any moment. And then share it with half the globe.

Thankfully, Seychelles falls outside of their jurisdiction, so you can be sure that your information is safe from the prying eyes of ‘big brother.’ VPN No Logging Policy

Like every VPN Review, VPN review also had to talk about the security of the product. So here it is. This may seem like a simplistic thought…

But the core tenant of anonymous web browsing is anonymity.

If you’re using a VPN, it’s because you want added security and for your activity to be private.

Despite this, many VPNs keep a log of your personal information, including the very activity you’re trying to hide.

Most VPNs will claim that they don’t log. Trust.Zone makes a similar statement.

We’ve been burned by this before, though. So we always do a little detective work.

Privacy policies will always help you uncover the truth, and every VPN has one. Looking through Trust.Zone’s policy showed some promising information.

They’re not taking any of my personal info. They’re not saving my name, where I live, or my phone number. They just want an email address which is only used for communication about their services.

As far as information gathering policies go, this is good. A huge plus factor to be mentioned in this VPN Review.

Using the Latest Protocol and Encryption Options

When choosing a VPN, you want to make sure that they’re using state-of-the-art technology to hide your activity.

This is your personal information on the line, so you want to know that the VPN you choose is utilizing top of the line encryption and industry-standard protocols to tunnel your signal.

With Trust.Zone, you have all of that.

They offer you a choice between two tunneling protocols, the first being OpenVPN.

This is THE industry standard.

And it has been proven time and again to be the best of the best. The technology behind OpenVPN is open sourced, meaning that the security community is constantly maintaining and upgrading its systems.

That’s why it’s the preferred protocol being used by most of the top VPNs in the world.

Trust.Zone’s OpenVPN is paired with AES-256 encryption. This is more great news as it has been proven uncrackable by modern technology.

This is some real deal, government-level, Area 51 kind of encryption.

The other protocol Trust.Zone uses is L2TP, which stands for Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol.

While it’s nice to offer another protocol, L2TP is far from secure and should be avoided if possible.

No Leaks or Viruses Detected

IP leaks threaten to undermine a VPN’s entire purpose. These critical errors can expose your hidden (real) IP, stripping you of the very anonymity you were originally seeking.

The two most common are DNS leaks and WebRTC leaks.

A DNS leak happens when an error within a DNS server causes the VPN tunnel to be completely bypassed, revealing exactly where you’re sitting.

Acceptable Speed Levels

EU Speed Test

  • Ping: 43 ms
  • Download: 68.46 Mbps (29% Slower than 97 Mbps Benchmark)
  • Upload: 46.12 Mbps (13% Slower than 53 Mbps Benchmark)

While the US Speed test lost a bit more, it was still well within the acceptable range.

US Speed Test

  • Ping 195 ms
  • Download: 60.61 Mbps (37.5% Slower than 97 Mbps Benchmark)
  • Upload: 36.75 Mbps (30.6% Slower than 53 Mbps Benchmark)

Out of the 74 VPNs that we’ve reviewed, we rank Trust.Zone at #15 in terms of speed.

Speed is always an issue with VPNs. The tunneling process saps away some performance, but when you’re using a quality service, the loss is barely noticeable.

This is something that Trust.Zone is very upfront about on their website.

Unblocks Netflix

A VPN for Netflix that allows seamless streaming of Netflix is hard to find these days.

Why is that?

Because Netflix hates VPNs, and has gone out of its way to deploy one of the most effective VPN blockers in the world. This keeps users from bypassing geo-blocks and accessing content from other countries.

So, chances are if you were trying to run Netflix from any old VPN, the end result would be the iconic Netflix black screen showing “Oops Something Went Wrong….”

Netflix’s black screen of doom is the telltale sign that you’re using a VPN for Netflix that fell victim to their ban.

We checked five of Trust.Zone’s servers and two of them allowed us to play Netflix content with no issues.

That means Trust.Zone is a member of an exclusive club of VPNs for Netflix.

Torrenting is Allowed With No Restrictions

Torrenting is a popular method of peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing, in which users download tiny bits of a file from other users.

This makes the download process breeze by, but it also opens your system to new threats. Some of those peers you’re connecting with might have sinister intentions.

Hackers often use torrenting services to gain access to people’s personal information, so having a VPN as an added layer of security helps to protect your data.

Still, though, many VPNs either limit access to P2P on their servers or ban it outright.

But Trust.Zone allows you to torrent on any of their servers with no restrictions.

Decent Number of Servers and Privacy Features

A strong server park grants VPN users the gift of flexibility. More servers mean more choices and more opportunities for seamless anonymous browsing.

Trust.Zone has 165 servers spread out over 87 zones/locations.

Trust.Zone allows three connections at a time, per account. This gives you the option of having both your phone and computer connected simultaneously and lets you share your account with close friends or family members.

Unlimited bandwidth ensures that no throttling is going to occur, so browse to your heart’s content.

Because Trust.Zone does not restrict your internet traffic, that means it is also compatible with the Tor network.

Tor is a browsing interface which hides your activity. It’s a free and imperfect system that falls under some scrutiny.

For example, while a government agency cannot see what you’re doing on Tor, it can see that you’re using it, which can arouse suspicion. Coupling Tor with a VPN adds additional security, blocking this fairly fatal flaw.

I was also happy to see that Trust.Zone includes a built-in kill-switch to protect your anonymity.

A kill switch is a VPNs last line of defense. If something happens that threatens the security of your session, it cuts the service off before you get discovered.

Think of it as an escape pod. If your signal comes under fire it allows you to jettison out and live to browse another day

Easy to Install and Use

The installation and use of this program was a breeze.

I clicked the download link on their official website and installation was underway and completed within three minutes. VPN works in China 

Good news is Trust.Zone VPN service which is more secure than OpenVPN, is not affected in China. Trust.Zone VPN for China uses the special technique to avoid blocking by ISP or government agencies in China. Trust.Zone VPN is able to forward your OpenVPN traffic through port 443.

443 Port is the default port for HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). The protocol is commonly used by browsers for secure connections when you type https:// in a browser. There is no sense to block port 443 by internet censors in China because blocking the port 443 breaks the access to the Internet.

Trust.Zone VPN recommends a forwarding OpenVPN traffic through port 443 as the best way to obfuscate VPNs in China VPN Review: Cons

Limited Customer Support

Quality customer support is important for any tech product, and even more so with a VPN.

When their service is directly responsible for something as important as internet security and anonymity, you want to know that you can reach out for help on any day and at any time.

Trust.Zone, however, does not offer 24/7 customer support which is a big shortcoming to be mentioned in this VPN Review.

You can only receive help through a contact form on their website, Monday through Friday between the hours of 6 am and 4 pm GMT.

Limited Device Support

The best VPNs in the world are usable on a multitude of platforms, ranging from computers to phones, tablets, streaming devices, and gaming systems.

While Trust.Zone has some great device variety in the desktop and mobile sectors, there’s not a lot going on for smart device users. VPN Price, Plans, & Payment Methods

Now let’s explore in this VPN Review, TrustVPN’s price plans and Payment Methods. They offer three tiers, with memberships for month-to-month, one year, or two years.

There is a free three-day testing option, which is always nice to see.

The test is somewhat limited in terms of servers (offering 108 rather than the full 125) and they cap data transfers at 1 GB. The free trial also allows for only one connection at a time.

The most expensive option for Trust.Zone is their month-to-month subscription, which costs $6.99 per month. Buying for a whole year saves you 43%, and two years saves 58%. When you buy for two years you’re paying $2.99 per month, which is a great price.

There are two extra features you can add on.

  • A static personal IP address in the UK for $9.99 per month
  • An additional three simultaneous connections for $2.99 per month

For payments, there are a bunch of options, they’re allowing credit cards, PayPro, PayPal, and BitCoin. Not only are the accepting BitCoin, but they incentivize it by offering a 10% discount if you use it for your purchase.

Besides the fact that Trust.Zone offers the three-day free trial, they also have a 10 day money-back guarantee.

Not only is their money back guarantee on the low end compared to other providers, but it is also quite restrictive:

  • You must notify them via email within 10 days of signing up to qualify for a refund.
  • Your bandwidth usage must not be more than 1GB to qualify for 100% refund.
  • It can take up to 20 days to be refunded after requesting a refund.
  • If you paid using Bitcoin, your refund will be processed using the Bitcoin exchange rate for the date they issue the refund — not the date you paid or the date you requested the refund.

Do I Recommend Trust.Zone?

Yes, I do.

As you have already understood by now after reading this VPN Review that this is a great VPN service.

Installation and use were a snap, and there was no lag at all. The speed loss is more than acceptable, and their encryption protocols are iron clad.

I feel safe knowing that my anonymity is assured by their lack of logging and existence outside of surveillance alliance jurisdiction. This cannot be overstated.

Our tests proved that their VPN software was completely leak free, rounding out the security trifecta.

I also love that Trust.Zone does not presume to tell you what you can and can’t do with your internet time.

You want to torrent? Great. Use Tor? Awesome. Stream cat videos on YouTube? Works. Even if you are traveling to a country anthetical to VPNs , like China, VPN for China is the best choice. Trust. zone Vpn’s Price not so expensive is what makes it a value for money in the  market.

And as a VPN which works in conjunction with Netflix, it stands in the upper echelon. Truly the best VPN for Netflix.

Thus, VPN is Best in the class VPN and gets a straight thumbs up in this VPN Review.

Also, Check Our VPN Section Where You will find  Lot’s Of Other Best VPN.


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