Turbo VPN Review (2021)-TESTED- Is This Free Vpn Safe For Android and iOS?

Want to watch Netflix shows, but not available in your country? Read this Turbo VPN Review to know about this VPN that will help you to enjoy geo-blocked content
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Turbo VPN Review

Turbo Vpn

VPN is a common tern in 2021. VPN tools have become a must-have for every internet users. The reasons are many behind this. For all those who do not know what VPN actually is? Let me tell you that VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Basically, it is a service that protects your internet connection and privacy online. It creates an encrypted tunnel for your data, protects your online identity by hiding your IP address, and allows you to use public Wi-Fi hotspots safely. VPN provides an encrypted tunnel for transferring data to and from your device and the host site. This removes all chances of spying and snooping on your data. Even your own internet service provider (ISP) can’t access your data or track your activities.

Whether you are surfing the internet for mere entertainment or using it to share important files and information, everything is end-to-end encrypted with a VPN. So you don’t have to worry about hackers and cybercriminals.

Today, there are hundreds of VPN Service Provider in the market. I have personally tried and tested most of those VPNs. After that, I reviewed some of the most viable VPN. Turbo VPN is one such popular VPN names. And here is the Turbo VPN review. In this Turbo VPN review, I will discuss some of the important areas that will definitely help you to decide whether to choose Turbo VPN or not.


What Is Turbo VPN?

TurboVPN is a VPN service provider that provides you with the fastest and safest VPN connection across the world. Trusted by 300 million users, VPN Turbo has deployed in more than 50 locations over 22000 secure servers. Turbo VPN is a reliable VPN that working in more than 50 locations worldwide providing the finest services.

Turbo VPN serves its service across the world:
· Asia Pacific
· North and South America
· Europe
· Middle East

Turbo VPN is quite a popular VPN and provides feature like:

  1. Hide your location and IP
  2. Unlimited video streaming
  3. Enhance Gaming Experience
  4. Secure Public Wi-Fi connection
  5. Strong Data Encryption
  6. Kill Switch Protection

Being registered in China this Virtual Private Network has over 50 million downloads worldwide, with most using the free version. Undoubtedly, TurboVPN apk is the best one among the clump of all the available free VPN’s in the market. One cannot simply distrust free VPN’s. Some either lack security, lag in performance or even log and sell your data to third parties. In this TurboVPN review, we will check if this VPN also suffers from the same issues. In this Turbo VPN Review, we will also discuss all the key features of this VPN in details below.

Turbo VPN

Enjoy your Favorite content anytime, anywhere with Turbo VPN.
$ 4. 17 Visit Site

Turbo VPN Feature

Reason TO Choose Turbo VPN?

Turbo VPN review is incomplete without discussing its features. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the key features of Turbo VPN:

Hide your location and IP
Turbo VPN let you surf websites anonymously and enjoy access to your favourite content even though it is geographically restricted. Turbo VPN mask your IP address, as a result, no one can trace your activity on the web.
Unlimited video streaming
Turbo VPN also offers you unlimited video streaming so that you can easily watch the content without any geographical restriction. There is no bandwidth limitation while you stream videos with TurboVPN.
Enhance Gaming Experience
Turbo VPN helps you to reduce ping time and improve lag while gaming. At the same time, overcome geo-blocking by replacing your IP address with an alternate one located in whatever region you want.
Even there are some banned games for example PUBG. You can also enjoy PUBG smoothly with the help of Turbo VPN.
Secure Public Wi-Fi connection
Free public wifi is the home for hackers. It may seem exciting to use Free Wifi, it the most common targeted place for hackers. With Turbo VPN, you can use free public wifi and your geographical location and search history as well as your Internet browsing are concealed.
Data Encryption and Security Protocols
Turbo VPN uses military-grade encryption and other protocols like IPSec and OpenVPN to protect your devices. Data encrypted through many forms of protocols such as IPSec, TLS or SSL to ensure the security of the user’s privacy. VPN helps to secure and encrypt all in and out traffic. It makes your business or personal website, conversation and banking transactions much protected.
Kill Switch Protection
Kill switch is an additional privacy feature added on Turbo VPN. It helps to detect any change in your connection status such as IP address. It kills access to the internet once a change in your connection status is detected.
Fast transaction speed
Using VPN allow you to experience a faster transaction speed than normal internet browsing. It helps to keep your web browsing & search history private. Another great feature of the Turbo VPN is that it provides complete anonymity. You can browse safely and privately no matter if you an indoor or outdoor environment.
Bypass Geo-blocking content
One of the most useful Turbo VPN features is that it can help you bypass geo-blocking content. When you start using the VPN, it provides you with a server that can be located anywhere in the world. And when you start browsing with the VPN, it will make it appear as you are browsing from another location (the one where the server is located). This makes the restricted content hosts bypass you assuming your virtual location as the real one.
Supports Multiple Devices
Turbo VPN provides software and application for multiple devices like macOS, Windows, iOS, Android. For Android devices, it also provides a lighter version of the app called Turbo VPN Lite.

Turbo VPN Pricing Info

How Much Does Turbo VPN Cost?

1 MONTH PLAN✔ All Basic Features
✔ Access 22000+ servers worldwide
✔ No logs policy
✔ 99.99% Secure private browsing
✔ 24/7 customer support
$ 11.99
6 MONTHS PLAN✔ All Basic Features
✔ Access 22000+ servers worldwide
✔ No logs policy
✔ 99.99% Secure private browsing
✔ 24/7 customer support
$ 6.67
(Save 44%)
12 MONTHS PLAN ✔ All Basic Features
✔ Access 22000+ servers worldwide
✔ No logs policy
✔ 99.99% Secure private browsing
✔ 24/7 customer support
$ 5.00
(Save 58 %)
24 MONTHS PLAN✔ All Basic Features
✔ Access 22000+ servers worldwide
✔ No logs policy
✔ 99.99% Secure private browsing
✔ 24/7 customer support
$ 4.17
(Save 65%)

From the above table, you can have a glance at the Turbo VPN price and plans. For payment, Turbo VPN offers two options, i.e; Credit Card and PayPal. Turbo VPN also provides a 7-day money-back guarantee.

NOTE: The 24 Months Plan includes the biggest saving for you.

Turbo VPN

Enjoy your Favorite content anytime, anywhere with Turbo VPN.
$ 4. 17 Visit Site

Turbo VPN Pros and Cons

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Turbo VPN

Advantage Of Turbo VPN

The biggest pro that I must mention in this TurboVPN Review is Security. TurboVPN apk is safe as compared to most other free VPN’s in the market. The use of both the OpenVPN Protocol along with the AES-256 encryption leaves them to lead the race. They also ensure a leak-free VPN experience,  leaving your private data safe even when connected to public wi-fi. Following these features, we can indeed give positive feedback in this Turbo VPN review regarding its security.

1. Security Protocols and Encryption

Unlike most free VPNs that tend to overlook the security aspect, Turbo VPN is an exception. Like I mentioned earlier, they use the OpenVPN tunnelling protocol. For those of you not familiar with this term, this basically is an open-sourced system, which is kept up to date by a vast community watching each other’s backs. Furthermore, OpenVPN is accompanied by government-level AES-256 encryption. The encryption code that the FBI, CIA uses for their data security. It has been proven that even modern supercomputers can’t crack this encryption. An impenetrable VPN tunnel like this ensures your information is safe and sound.

2. No Leaks Detected

Leaks are something even the best of the best VPN’s struggle with. However, most TurboVPN reviews mull over the fact that this VPN ensures a leak-free policy. A VPN can offer a thousand other features but if the tunnel sprung is leaked, the VPN is essentially useless. This is a serious security issue that we need to identify in this TurboVPN Review.

Primarily there are two major forms of the leak. First, the DNS leaks, in which your VPN tunnel is bypassed, thereby exposing your original IP to the Internet Service Provider.

The second and most common leak is the WebRTC leak. This time, APIs associated with the WebRTC project interfere with a VPN tunnel. WebRTC leaks pose a real-time threat to your data and information. That’s why all of the free VPNs were put under strenuous testing processes to ensure that they will continue to hide your IP. Before writing the TurboVPN review, therefore, we put Turbo VPN through three different tests, and we are glad to announce they passed all of them.

Usually, during testing VPNs, we also do a virus test to ensure that their installation software is not carrying any malicious cyber threats. However, since Turbo VPN is a mobile-only application, this test is not applicable.

3. Turbo VPN For Netflix

We all know how much Netflix hates VPN’s and ironically using VPN for watching Netflix is the most common use of using a VPN, in this case, TurboVPN for Netflix. The reason being, Netflix’s content is geo-locked, meaning that it is based on your geographic location, so being able to use a VPN to ‘trick’ Netflix into thinking that you were accessing the web from another country is a perfect way to unblock any show that is not aired in your location. It didn’t however, take long for Netflix to understand this activity.

As a result, they started deploying a VPN-detection software that only a very few VPNs can bypass. Turbo VPN for Netflix offers both good and bad news for Netflix seekers. Let’s learn about its good things first, in this TurboVPN Review. Turbo VPN for Netflix does work but only on a few choice servers. Now, the bad part is none of the free servers works with Netflix. You would have to use one of the paid VIP servers. TurboVPN apk even marks which servers are specifically “Netflix Servers.” So yes, TurboVPN for Netflix but not for free, unfortunately. Moreover, unlike in many TurboVPN Reviews, on our testing, it was seen to not be helpful if you want to access BBC iPlayer.

4. TurboVPN Apk No Torrenting Censorship

So How Torrenting works? Basically, Torrenting connects you to other users to download large files piece by piece which you can see in the meter that shows something called ‘seeding’ and ‘peering’. It’s fast and easy. But it can also be incredibly risky since once you are logging in you’re opening up your system to other users. Not all of them might share your same good intentions.

Cybercriminals have started to use popular torrenting sites to launch attacks. A VPN especially, in this case, TurboVPN apk helps to protect the user’s system from such attacks, hiding all the information from malicious spying activities while also keeping you safe from any legal consequences. Turbo VPN does nothing to dissuade you from torrenting while using their services, nor do it limit your bandwidth. However, it should be noted that most users torrent via their desktop computer or laptop and Turbo VPN is only available on mobile devices so a correct review in terms of torrent cannot be given.

Disadvantages Of Turbo VPN

Nothing is perfect and certainly not Turbo VPN. After a list of pros finally, it’s time to present a list of disadvantages TurboVpn Apk has to offer, in this TurboVPN Review. For starter, slow connection speed and questionable logging policies start a plethora of problematic issues. Turbo also suffers because it is a mobile-only application and doesn’t work in the case of PCs and other streaming devices. An extremely limited server park and non-existent customer support round out this list of cons.

1. Questionable Logging Policy

Logging is always a deal-breaker. That includes logging of all shapes and sizes. Logging is an area in which many free VPN services fail our review. And it makes sense when you think about it. All companies have to make money. The servers aren’t cheap. So a lot of free VPNs make their money by selling your personal information to advertisers. Every VPN will swear up and down that they’re not logging any of your information.

But when you examine their privacy policy, you see how false that truly is. Basically, they collect a ton of data. Including your ISP and IP address. But that’s not all! Here, they’re essentially saying that they will be using your personal information for their needs, and if you want to sign up with their VIP service, you have to give them a bunch of data. While it’s not the worst logging policy we’ve seen, there’s more than enough here to make me nervous.

2. TurboVPN For China

If you think the TurboVPN apk being outside the 14 Eyes Alliance of the western developed countries that allow each other to spy on each other will guarantee your privacy. As mentioned before in this TurboVPN review, this VPN is registered under the Chinese Jurisdiction. TurboVPN for China is registered in Chinese jurisdiction. Not to mention the Chinese have a strict internet censorship policy which prevents many foreign websites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and so on from being accessed in China. This stringent policy is also popularly known as the Great Firewall.

However, the problem with VPN here lies with the fact that each VPN in China is regulated by the Chinese government. And any Chinese citizen caught using a VPN that is not approved by the government can face serious legal action, including a heavy fine. So it won’t be surprising if the Chinese government pries on your data without your knowledge.

3. Ad-Filled & Slow Hands-on Test

I tried the Turbo VPN app on my iPad. First, I found it in the iOS App Store.

TurboVPN apk-in-App-Store– After a brief download, I got started.

TurboVPN apk-Setup-Your-VPN– I gave Turbo all of the necessary permissions (there were many) and verified them with my fingerprint.

TurboVPN apk-connected– As you can see, after you once use it that it gets connected only in a second which is really very impressive initially! Except, I could not choose my server. Instead, it was trying to connect me automatically to the fastest server, sometimes switching randomly.

TurboVPN apk-Optimal-Location– That wasn’t the worst part, though. I logged onto the Chrome app and tried a speed test. It was still registering my home IP. We know the leak tests came out clean. Then, I realized that to be protected, you have to use Turbo’s internal browser. This became problematic as to how Turbo makes its money became evident very quickly. But after everything you do, an ad pops up. It was insane. Finally, for the sake of the review, I signed up for the VIP trial. The ads went away but I found out quickly that when I’m not automatically connecting to the fastest server, it’s almost unusable. I tried to log onto their US Netflix server several times only to have it time out repeatedly.

4. Network speed is not so impressive

One thing evident from many feedbacks we came across from various TurboVPN Reviews and from the tests conducted is, it is really in a dearth of speed.

VPNs will usually slow you down a bit. But good VPNs will only take your performance level down by a little bit, to the point where you would hardly even notice. This is not the case in the case of TurboVPN. To start with we get a benchmark download speed of 97 Mbps and an upload speed of 53 Mbps for all of our speed tests. Then, we connected to different servers and re-tested them. Unsurprisingly, the EU one didn’t start off well. Let’s check out the TurboVPN-EU-speed-test

  • EU Speed Test
  • Download: 6.31 Mbps (93% Slower Than 97 Mbps Benchmark)
  • Upload: 0.18 Mbps (99.6% Slower Than 53 Mbps Benchmark)

Our US test fared slightly better, but not by much.

  • US Speed Test
  • Download: 11.7 Mbps (87.9% Slower Than 97 Mbps Benchmark)
  • Upload: 17.7 Mbps (66.6% Slower Than 53 Mbps Benchmark)
9Expert Score

When it comes to browsing or doing whatsoever on your phone, it doesn’t bother you but stays at the background and lets you do your thing. How cool is this! I would give this app 10 stars. keep it up, Turbo VPN tream.

Ease Of Use
Customer Service
  • Security Protocols and Encryption
  • No Leaks Detected
  • 7 days free Trial of VIP service
  • 7-days money back guarantee
  • Turbo VPN For Netflix
  • Kill Switch Feature Available
  • Questionable Logging Policy
  • Network speed is not so impressive
  • Ad-Filled &amp
  • Slow Hands-on Test


Frequently Asked Questions

Do Turbo VPN offer a free trial?

Yes, Turbo VPN provides a one-time 7-day free trial for the new user, you can enjoy optimal and specific (such as Netflix) server and no-ADs service. Regardless, you are free to cancel your subscription anytime within the trial period in order not to be charged.

What do I get with my subscription Of Turbo VPN?

Each subscription comes with access to all Turbo VPN apps and 22000+ server locations. You can also access a wide range of online streaming services and social media sites, e.g.: HotStar, Netflix, Pubg Mobile, etc.

On top of that, a premium subscription provides you with an Ads-free experience and exclusive benefits like the Kill Switch function and faster speed.

How to find the best server in Turbo VPN?

Go to the top right corner and click the “Globe” icon. We recommend selecting the top server as it is the server that provides the fastest connection based on your current location. Alternatively, you could pick the country where you want the server to be.
Go to the top left corner and click the “Menu” button. Tap the Select Server and pick the country where you want the server to be. We recommend selecting the top server as it is the server that provides the fastest connection based on your current location.

Why do I need Turbo VPN?

VPN stands for a virtual private network. It allows you to browse anonymously online with a fast, secure and reliable internet connection. Turbo VPN can protect your privacy and give you access to safer online experience. For example, it can:

1. Protect your confidential information and safely connect to any WiFi.
2. Protect your internet privacy while using BitTorrent and Peer-to-Peer (P2P).
3. Bypass geo-restriction and unblock streaming services from all over the world.
4. Obtain cheaper Online shopping deals/ cheaper Flight tickets.
5. Protect you against ISP monitoring or beat the hackers.

Is Turbo VPN safe for me?

We are using military-grade encryption to hide your internet activity from snoops. Your data is undecipherable to prying eyes while in transit. Moreover, Turbo VPN doesn’t keep connection or activity logs, we never share your details with anyone.

Final Verdict


From this detailed Turbo VPN, you can have an idea about its features, positive and negative point. From my point of view, Turbo VPN is a good vpn and worth to give it a try. And it is to be noted that the VPN servers doesn’t work equally for all. Results from speed test can be different depending on the location of the users, time of using and several other factor.

But, if we talk about the security of this VPN, the result is impressive as Turbo VPN uses military-level encryption to secure the data of its user. The price is also reasonable. You can give it a try. Turbo Vpn supports multiple devices. It offers Turbo VPN Windows software, as well as software for macOS. You can also have Turbo VPN for chrome. Turbo VPN free version is available for 7 days. You can do Turbo Vpn download from their official site.

NOTE: Accessing banned websites by using VPN is still illegal. You may face serious Legal problems while doing so.

I hope you have liked my Turbo VPN Review. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below. I will be happy to respond.

Turbo VPN Review (2021)-TESTED- Is This Free Vpn Safe For Android and iOS?
Turbo VPN Review (2021)-TESTED- Is This Free Vpn Safe For Android and iOS?
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