How To Turn Off All Sensors On Your Android Phone With One Tap? Best Guide

Want to turn off all sensors on your Android phone?

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The Android phones are considered as a great piece of art that lets you perform a whole lot of tasks and in most cases eliminates the need of any extra devices. The Android phones that you use consists of a lot of sensors that makes it possible to hear, sense and see what all tasks you are doing. Though these sensors are provided to increase the overall experience of how you use a phone but some times it is better to turn off all sensors on your android phone to keep your privacy intact.

As there is an increased amount of crimes involving hacking through these sensors, sometimes turning them off can help you to keep your privacy highly secured.

As your Android phone is a personal device that you own but if you turn off all sensors of your android phone it can be highly beneficial when you head to a sensitive meeting. Though you can switch off the connectivity of your device, there was no method by which you can turn off other sensors, but with the introduction of Android 10 you can easily turn off all sensors on your Android phone, thus making it highly advanced as well as saves you from various online and offline threats.

Steps to Turn Off All Sensors On Your Android Phone

The introduction of Android 10 has brought with it a lot of tools that has provided you with a greater control over your device than ever before and the ability to turn off all sensors on your Android phone is one such feature that provides you to disable all sensors in android phone temporarily.

This feature was not seen in the earlier versions of Android and is a fresh feature that has been added to the Android 10, which means that devices that have lower Android versions will lack this feature and cannot shut off all their sensors, but using the android 10 can help you to turn off all sensors on your Android phone by just a tap on it.

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Steps for turning off all sensors

Let’s indulge in some of the steps involved in sensor of android phone turn off.

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to enable Developers Option on your phone, though it is a tool that is made for the app makers, enabling it will not effect the warranty of your device.

  • Firstly launch the settings App on your phone and then scroll down to the bottom of the menu and tap on About Phone.
  • Now tap on the Build number option, and tap on it repeatedly until and unless it asks your lock screen password or PIN.
  • As soon as you enter the Password you will receive a notification stating that you are now a developer.
  • Now go back to the Main settings Page and navigate to System and then click on Developer Options.
  • Now scroll down under Developer options and tap on Quick settings developer tiles.
  • Now toggle the Sensor slider to turn it off, this will create a new tile on your notification shade called Sensor off.

As soon as you turn off all sensors of your Android phone it will effectively shut down most of the sensors including cameras, gyroscope, accelerometer, microphone and many more. Furthermore, if you try to access any of these sensors it will show an error message or won’t work.

To turn the sensors ON you can just tap on the Sensor off tile which will again switch on all the sensors of your Android phone back to normal. This feature allows you to toggle your sensors ON and OFF in just a single tap. In this way, turn off all sensor on android 10.

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The introduction of the Android 10 has opened a world of new possibilities, as it provides great additional features by which you can easily customize the interface of your Android phone as per your wish. With its introduction Google has not only improved the security and privacy of the operating system but also has introduced various new features and hidden features and the turn off all sensors on your Android phone is one of those hidden features that can help you to increase the privacy factor that can come in as a great handy feature.

Though it can be of great use to a person who is a bit of an expert in this field but a newbie will have great headaches using a phone with the turn off all sensors on your Android phone feature which is why Google has hidden this feature. Though the feature, turn off all sensors on your Android phone, is not used on a daily basis but can be a great handy feature as it helps to increase the privacy of your Android device.

Get more details here about Android Sensors.

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