How to Turn Off Facebook Chat For Selective Friends

Have you ever tried to Turn Off Facebook Chat for that friend who bugs you with multiple pings???

Nobody wants to chat with all the friends or family members inside his Facebook friend list. We often feel bugged by unwanted pings whenever we get logged into our account.Do you know you can become offline or online to selective people on Facebook ? Yes, You can Turn Off Facebook Chat for one or more people. The good thing is those people will never know that you are really not offline as their watching you to be.Facebook Turn off chat feature can be used for a selective offline purpose.Here is a simple blog for you if you want to Turn Off Facebook Chat For Selective friends.




When you open Facebook homepage you see the chat bar at the right corner of the page showing the friends of yours who are online.Find the Online Button on the bottom right corner of your Facebook window.You will find a Gear Icon just next to the search bar and you have to click on it.


Facebook chat settings


Now From the expanded menu you click on the Advanced settings Option.


Advanced chat settings in facebook



After clicking on advanced settings option you will see Advanced Chat Settings opens up.


Turn off chats accept some friend


Find the option Turn Off Chat Only For some Friend. Now you can easily select the friends whom you want to show yourself offline.

Facebook turn off chat for a friend settings



If you want to become offline to all your friends accept only one friend you can select the second option . If you type the name of that particular friend and add him to the list you will be only offline for him.


Facebook turn off chat for all friends accept


We mostly see a few  friends invite us for apps or games multiple times, do you know these suspicious links or apps can cause hacking your account? Read this article HERE to know how to protect you Facebook account from hackers.


How To Create a List :

You can even create a list of friends who will see you offline forever.Turn On or Turn Off Facebook Chat For Selective Friends so that you socialize without getting bothered by anyone randomly.

You can appear online to a specific set of people by choosing the radio button corresponding to the option Turn off chat for all friends except the chosen.



Look at the Friends section located at the left window pane.As you move your cursor you will see a MORE option.Click on it.


More option in facebook



Here you will see a create list button where you can add the profiles of your friends, Now create list button.


Create list button in facebook


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Now you can put your friends in the list one by one and use this list to Turn Off or On chats for specific friends.This is the best way to be online without being visible to everyone.


Creating list in facebook


Hope you find this article useful.Here is another article about facebook.




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