How To Turn Off Mouse Acceleration In Windows 10? Best Guide

Want to turn off mouse acceleration in Windows 10?

Having trouble playing games and performing graphic works with an accelerated mouse pointer and want to disable the mouse acceleration completely?

You have landed on the right place as we will help you out to get the best stability out of your mouse pointer in just few simple steps !

An accelerated mouse pointer is the feature of your input device i.e. Mouse which is switched on by default in the Windows 10 that helps you to move your pointer at a greater speed while distributing the same speed everywhere. Though the mouse acceleration feature is considered as a great feature but still it comes with some drawbacks that is generally faced by people who need more stability in their work, for example gamers and graphic designers.

A shooting game requires you to aim at your opponent with a great amount of stability or designing a logo requires you to move along a measured axis that too requires a great amount of stability of the pointer and if you turn off mouse acceleration in windows 10 only then you can get the desired amount of stability.

Disabling mouse acceleration can help with games and places where you need more stability, as it provides great precise movements and can be easily used for performing tasks that need the pointer to be more stable and accurate.

How To Turn Off Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10?

The mouse acceleration is a feature that comes with every mouse nowadays owing to the gradual changes and developments that the Mouse has undergone since its introduction in 1950s and is one of the most essential input device that a person uses on a daily basis to carry out his work. If you turn off mouse acceleration in Windows 10/turn off mouse acceleration mac then you can easily increase the stability of your mouse pointer that can be highly beneficial while performing tasks that require a high amount of stability of your mouse pointer.

Steps to Disable Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10

There are not a huge amount of steps that you need to follow to turn off mouse acceleration in Windows 10 but just few simple steps that are very easy to follow and require no special expertise to implement them. The steps that involve disabling the mouse acceleration are as follows-:

  • First of all, Press the Windows key on your keyboard or click on the Start Menu button on your computer screen or right click on Start menu.
  • The open Settings or you can simple press Windows key + I which is the shortcut for opening settings.
  • As the Windows Settings page opens look for the option Devices and then simply click on it.
  • You will find a list of devices on the left side of the Devices settings page, navigate and click on the Mouse tab.
  • Now on the right hand side the Mouse settings page will appear, navigate and click on Additional Mouse options under the Related Settings header.
  • On the next page uncheck the Enhance pointer precision checkbox under the pointer options tab.
  • Now click OK to confirm and apply the settings. Now try to move your Mouse here and there, you will be amazed by the stability and control of the pointer, thus it will turn off mouse acceleration in Windows 10 or turn off mouse acceleration in pc. In this way, you can easily control mouse acceleration on or off.

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Mouse is one of the most important and essential input device of your computer that you use on a daily basis as without a mouse, it will consume a great amount of your time to perform certain tasks that can be easily carried by the mouse. With passage of time the mouse has undergone a great amount of changes in its technology and some of them also provide great features and mouse acceleration is one such feature which helps you to move your pointer faster and quicker but it sometimes can create problems in places where you need better stability.

Though Windows 10 has switched it ON by default, it also provides you with the privilege to turn off mouse acceleration in Windows 10, which helps you to achieve the amount of stability that you desire in those places where a speedy pointer can hamper your work.

Get more details here about Windows 10.

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