Understanding the Nitty-Gritty of SSL Certificates for Cyber Security

Understanding the Nitty-Gritty of SSL Certificates for Cyber Security

SSL Certificates are the key to ensuring cyber security and safeguarding the privacy of your website visitors. There are different SSL certificates and they serve various businesses according to their preferences.Let’s understand in greater detail everything you should know about SSL Certificate.So, starting with the fundamental question –

What is an SSL Certificate.
SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer. It is used to encrypt the data transferred between a web server and web browser. These security certificates preserve the integrity of confidential information like email addresses, passwords, credit card number, etc.

The Mechanism of Action of SSL Certificate
Usually, information is sent between a browser and a web server in the form of plain text. This makes the information easily accessible to the hackers and perpetrators of cyber-crimes. SSL certificates build an encrypted connection by taking help of a public and private key to protect the sensitive information.

Advantages of Using SSL
As mentioned above, SSL Certificates offer encryption of sensitive information transferred between the browser and the server. Consequently, you can gain your visitors’ trust and protect the information from phishing attempts. Moreover, SSL Certificates also help you boost your website ranking by using HTTPS protocol. Google had already announced in 2014 that HTTPS is the ranking signal for online business websites.

Various SSL Certificates
Here are the commonly SSL Certificates types:

#1. Domain Validatetion SSL Certificate
Domain-validated SSL Certificate is the standard type of certificate. Automated validation ensures the registration of the domain name and necessitates the approval of an administrator. The webmaster should verify through email or get a DNS record configured for the website so that the validation can get completed.
These certificates only take a few minutes for processing and validation.

#2. Organization Validation SSL Certificate
Unlike starndard SSL certificate, organization validatetion certificates are more trustworthy. Certificate Authority also verify the name of the organization and other details like contact infomraiton, common name, city, state and country. Additional documentation is necessary to confirm the identity of the business.
These certificates get processed within 2-3 days. When you click at padlock placed near HTTPS, it displays the company name so that the user can trust the website and be rest assured that their information is in safe hands.

#3 Extended Validation SSL Certificate
An EV or Extended Validation SSL Certificate employs a strict process for certificate validation. Whenever a website owner applies for this certificate, the certificate authority checks whether the business is a legal entity. The business owners also have to offer the proof of domain ownership. Relevant business information works the best as this proof.
Another important feature of buying an EV Certificate is the green padlock that is displayed in the address bar of the website. You can enhance the customer confidence and assure them about a secure transaction on your website.
It takes around a few days to weeks to process this certificate. If you are an eCommerce store owner, it is strongly recommended that you purchase this certificate.

Maintaining the security of Multiple Sub-domains
Website owners use single-name SSL Certificates to secure one domain. For example, if you buy a certificate for www.myblog.com, you would not be able to secure contest.myblog.com.
Wildcard Certificates come into picture here. They let you secure several subdomains that exist from a single domain. By doing so, you can secure every subdomain that exists with www.myblog.com.
Wildcard certificates have an advantage over other certificates because it is simpler to have one wildcard certificate to secure a number of subdomains.
With multi-domain certificates, you can secure multiple domains by using a single certificate.
You can buy the best wildcard SSL from a authentic certificate provider like SSL2BUY and get more conversions on your website.

Commonly Encountered Challenges
1. Common Name Mismatch Error
If you request an SSL Certificate from a domain name that does not match the domain itself, you may encounter a certificate mismatch error. Say, for example, your website has been secured by a certificate specifying www.myblog.com and your website gets loaded on the non-www version, you may face a mismatch error.

2. No intermediate certificate
It is imperative to have an intermediate certificate so that the certificate works well. According to the server type, you can have one or two intermediate certificates.

3. Expired certificate
Your certificate should be up to date. Several browsers let you check the expiry date in the Advanced Settings but SSL Checker also allows you to learn about it. You can renew your certificates within 90 days before the expiry date.

4. Mixed content
If you have mixed content on your website, that is both HTTP and HTTPS content, your certificate will be invalidated. For a valid SSL Certificate, you should have all the content loading from a secure source.

5. Certificate viewed is not the same as the installed certificate
You can install only one certificate on the same IP and socket number. Whichever you have installed first will be validated.
Wrapping Up

To understand which one you should buy, you must consider your business needs and the level of security you aim for. Based on this data, purchase your SSL certificate from a reliable Certificate provider.

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