How To Uninstall Programs On MacBook

Uninstall Programs On MacBook
How to uninstall programs on macbook is quite difficult for user who are new to mac OS Ecosystem. User who are moving from Windows to mac find quite hard to find how to uninstall programs on MacBook. Because it mac OS is complete different if your already familiar with iPhone iPad still you will find it quite tough to delete app in Macbook.

So in this article we going to show you How to uninstall programs on MacBook.Step 1: Open Finder

Step 2: On the left side you’ll see the Applications tab, click on it.

Step 3: Select the apps you want to delete

Step 4: Simply right click on the app and select “Move to trash”. You can also drag the app to the trash can or alternatively through keyboard use “Command+Delete” shortcut/

Step 5: Go to the Trash can and and click on Empty Trash option to completely remove the app from your MacBook.So in these five simple steps you can use to uninstall programs on macbook. This process is quite simple but for new user delete apps from MacBook is quite difficult  by reading this article you will now able delete apps from your macbook easily.

Hope You will like this article.If you want to more macbook keyboard shortcut tutorial click here.

Check the Video Tutorial.

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