How To Repair and Fix USB Flash Drive Not Detected or Recognized (Fixed)

How many of you guys had this issue at least once? This kind of situation is most common among USB flash drive users that result in loss of files saved on it and also resists further usage of the flash drive. USB drive gets unrecognized on computers due to many logical errors. Today, I will show you how to fix the “USB flash drive not detected” problem.

This USB flash drive not detected or recognized issue is quite common in the users and it is frequently happening. The result of this error is you should loss the serious files or data and others and this will be very serious problems for the users. Here I am giving you some of the great ways to fix the USB flash drive that has unrecognizable error and help to bring back the files with data recovery.

Note: This post is about Undetected USB drive. If your computer is detecting the USB drive but you are unable to read the data. You should follow this.

Many users can face this USB flash drive not recognized or detected an issue in day-to-day life when connecting the USB device with computer. Here, I am giving you some of the factors that trigger this issue frequently:

  • Drive letter issue
  • System errors in File that make your USB become RAW
  • If Hardware is damage
  • USB connection issue
  • USB drive error


USB flash drive not detected Solution 1:

Go to start>control panel> Device Manager

device manager

Expand the list next to “Disk Drives” option.

USB drive not recognized

You can see a down facing arrow over your USB drive. Double click it and choose the option to “Enable Device”.

Click Next.

Click ‘Next’ again.

Finally, click Finish.

After this, you need to assign the drive letter. To do so follow given steps:

Go to Computer Management.  Go to Start>Control Panel>System and Security>Administrative Tools then choose “Computer Management.”

disk management

Click on Disk Management and Right click the USB drive. Select the option to “Change Drive Letter and Paths.”

fix undetectable USB

Click ADD and then click OK.

Now, assign any available drive letter to the USB drive by clicking it.

Right click the USB to designate it as “Online.”

That’s it. It should work now. If not, try USB flash drive not detected Solution 2.


USB flash drive not detected Solution 2:

Open CMD with Administrative permission.

Error code: 0x8007232B

Now, you need to enter following commands.


list disk
select disk and the disk number. Note: that the disk size will be shown in MB.
attributes disk clear read-only
create partition primary
format fs=fat32 quick  (or NTFS). For USB drives with the smaller capacity, it’s recommended to use fat32. If you want to make a bootable USB format as NTFS.
* wait for the format to finish (100%)

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