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laptop USB Port is not working in your laptop? It is quite a common problem occurs in Windows 10 and many people faced the issue again and again. This problem may happen due to many reasons. It can be happen for driver updation issue or for any hard ware problem. Though the driver issue can be resolved by yourself but if there is a problem in the USB port itself then  you need to bring it to a Laptop Service Center. Since Techyuga is the best Computer repair service in Kolkata and definitely, the best place for computer repair, this is the best place to Laptop USB Port Repair in Kolkata. This Blog is for our readers with all the information that one need to know about Laptop USB Port repair :


Laptop USB Port Repair: Reason & Solution

1. At first one should check the USB device as there might be fault in the USB device itself. So before thinking that your Laptop USB port is not working it is better to recheck the plugged in device. Some times it happens that your device, may it pen drive, hard disk or any peripheral dies after connecting to the laptop and you will think that the problem is in the USB Port. So before going to any complex conclusion first unplug or eject the device and plugged it in another laptop or computer. If the device is still not working then the problem is in the device only, not in your laptop USB Port. So you don’t need to troubleshooting again again and there will be no need of USB Port repair.

2. Some times there are issues in Laptop power supply also. If the power supply in your laptop does not work properly then also the USB Port will not work. The problem can be resolved through some simple step – first unplug the charging adapter or power adapter from your Laptop > then restart the laptop > connect the USB device again > now put the power supply or charger on in your laptop.

3. If through this easy steps your USB Port problem is still not resolved then you need to Upgrade your USB drivers from Device Manager. Actually to save power, Windows switches your USB controllers off when they’re not in use, by default and switches them back on again when they’re needed. Unfortunately, sometimes this process doesn’t work as properly, and Windows fails to switch your USB controllers on again.

So here is the way to manage this problem by yourself, just follow the instruction below-

> 1st open Device Maneger by doing right click on Start Menu.>2nd after opening Device Manager select and expand ” Universal Serial Bus Controllers “>Do right click on each controller and “Click” “Update Driver Software”.

>Then choose “Browse my computer for driver software”.

>After that Click on the “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.”

> Choose the model “Intel (R)… USB Universal Host Controller” and click “Next”.

> After processing click on Close.

Now update all the other USB Bus Controller in same way.

4. If after updating the drivers still there is a problem in USB port and it is unable to detecting the USB device then uninstall the “USB Controllers” one by one. It is very easy just right click on the USB Controller and click on Uninstall > OK.


If still the problem is not resolved then it is a problem in the hard ware. There may be some hardware damage in your USB port which can be only solved by hardware engineers or Laptop service center. In this matter Techyuga will give you the best support. If you want to find a service center for your Laptop USB Prot Repair in Kolkata? then Techyuga is definitely best place to come. We offers all kind of Laptop, Smart Phone, Computer repair with our premium level of service.

Watch Our Video Tutorial About “USB Port Not Working” Issue.

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    Sumit Chakrabarti June 16, 2019 at 9:05 am

    Hi, thanks for all the steps. The USB ports in my laptop are not working except one. I am using that one port for using a dongle. For the remaining, I have already tried updating each controller. However, I have not uninstalled them and will do that once.

    Can you please let me know how much will it cost if I need to replace four USB ports?

  2. I must appreciate the excellent job they did. I replaced my Samsung phone USB port at a much lower price from Techyuga than an authorized service center.

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