Technical Facts that Make USB Type C Significant for Computers

Technical Facts that Make USB Type C Significant for Computers

Think about the laptops launched in the market a few years ago and you will remember a variety of different ports present on the sides for USB, power connections, HDMI along with many others. Even today, laptop manufacturers are producing these gadgets, but sooner or later the availability of a wide range of ports will become a thing of the past. With global brands that dominate the tech market, such as Apple, HP, Dell and several others adopting and looking forward to completely transforming the connectivity needs in the gadget, the USB type-C port is making the future of laptops look amazing.

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The age of type-C USB is currently the most-discussed topic in all sectors of the digital industry and experts have already laid out the possibilities the new USB type-C will offer. With that being said, here are some of the technical features that unravel the importance of the USB type C hub for computers:

Supports the Updated Communication Protocols

Needless to say, that the modification in the design of a port and a connector cannot be the sole reason to update all the current peripherals. Of course, there are numerous benefits that have allowed manufacturers like Apple to open their floodgates and respond to the USB type-C, which you can already see in the latest version of the MacBook Pro. Built to support the newest USB 3.1 communication portals, the type-C USB port is the best solution to the several connectivity problems users were facing in the last couple of years. This latest version of the USB surpasses its USB-A counterpart by being much faster and versatile in nature along with the support for the latest connectivity protocols.

Massive Power Delivery Potential

Everyone can relate to the numerous hurdles they face with USB charging. You have to plug in the cable to a USB supporting outlet and keep an eye on the watch till it gets fully charged again. However, things are pretty simple and different with the USB type-C ports in your devices that come with a dedicated USB Power Delivery. This was one of the most anticipated features in the digital world, given the nature of a connector’s ability to deliver the potential power. The previous USB connections were somehow doing well for the compact devices, but when it came to laptops such as MacBook, the results were pretty disappointing.

Thanks to the development of USB type-C and its USB Power Delivery feature, the new laptops that will support the USB type-C port will have a power of 100 Watts, making laptop cable chargers out of date.

More Flexible and Compact

The flexibility and tiny size of the USB Type-C ports have now increased their chances to be a regular in all kinds of laptops in the future. Manufacturers would prefer this connector for living up to the expectations of their target audience and will produce laptops supporting USB type-C in order to meet the needs of the user. Speaking of its flexibility, you can connect multiple devices by using a type-C hub with your laptop.


The plethora of connectivity ports is now a thing of past, owing to the technical reasons. With the USB type-C ports, the world of laptops and digital industry has already started to embrace the change.

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