How To Use USB Restricted Mode in iPhone

How to use USB Restricted Mode in iPhone

With the Lunch of iOS 11.4.1 Apple introduce a new feature called USB Restricted Mode in iPhone .This USB Restricted Mode in iPhone will prevent usb accessory connect through iPhone which is lock for an hour.This new USB Restricted Mode in iPhone will stop those usb device having a data connection or blocking tools used by law enforcement to crack passcodes and circumvent Apple’s encryption and built-in measures designed to shield sensitive user data.

What is USB Restricted Mode?

Apple describes it as a new security protection that’s introduced as part of iOS 11.4.1. The company hasn’t said as much, but it’s believed that USB Restricted Mode is Apple’s effort to tackle combat devices like GrayKey that are specially designed to help law enforcement crack an iOS device’s pass-code and retrieve data that would normally be guarded by encryption. iOS has built-in security features that prevent constant pass-code guesses — such as when it locks down your device after several incorrect attempts. But companies have seemingly found a way of avoiding those safeguards via USB and the Lightning port. Now, Apple is trying to eliminate this method of gaining entry to a recovered or confiscated device.

USB Restricted Mode works like this  after an hour of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch sitting without being unlocked, iOS will basically cut off the Lightning port and limit it to charging only. This hour timeout should theoretically stop devices like GrayKey which plugs into an iPhone and cracks the pass-code within a few hours from working successfully.

If you don’t first unlock your password-protected iOS device then your iOS device won’t communicate with the accessory or computer, and in some cases, it might not charge, reads Apple’s support page on the security feature.Step 1: Open Setting then go to Touch Id & PasscodeStep 2: In Touch Id & Passcode scroll down you will find USB acessories and turn on this option.

Turning Green Will activate USB Restricted Mode in iPhoneSome Point to Remember when you Turn on USB Restricted Mode in iPhone:

  1. USB Restricted Mode is enabled by default after the update
  2. Accessories might not be able to charge your iPhone unless you unlock it first

Conclusion: Apple Always respect there customer privacy and always try to protect there customer privacy at it best. By introduction of this new USB Restricted Mode in iPhone Apple is try to focus more security to there customer. But in this constant  volatile digital cyber world nothing is full proof solution because hacker always find the bug to exploit .

You Can Find Video tutorial How To Enable USB Restricted Mode in iPhone below

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