How to Use Widgets in iOS 14 On iPhone?

Want to know the details on how to use widgets in iOS 14 on iPhone?

Its very easy and can be implemented comfortably !!

After the introduction of the iOS 14 from Apple operating the iPhone has become more smoother and easier as it has brought with it a great number of features and one of the coolest features that it has brought is the privilege to use widgets in iOS 14 on iPhone. This feature allows you to view important information from critical apps that too at a glance, whenever and wherever you want from your iPhone home screen. The iOS 14 has been regarded as the best operating system so far that has been introduced by Apple as it has provided more versatility and flexibility to the iPhone users, with a whole lot of new set of tools and features.

The earlier versions of iPhone’s operating systems lacked the feature where you could use widgets but the introduction of the new operating system has rectified that feature and lets you use widgets in iOS 14 on iPhone comfortably with high ease.

Use Widget in iOS 14 On iPhone

The privilege to use widget in iOS 14 on iPhone as you can now easily customize widgets according to your preference. The best iPhone home screen widgets for iOS 14 come in different sizes and can be customized as per your wish, you can stack various widgets in one or you can tap on a widget to get the information while also you can easily eliminate an widget as per requirements. If you use widget in iOS 14 on iPhone it can make your home screen look more neat and tidy as they are set up in a nice clean rows making them look attractive and awesome.

Steps to Create And Use widgets in iOS 14 On iPhone

  • Touch and hold the empty space on your screen. You will notice that the apps get a bit of shake up and Subtraction sign comes above every app.
  • Tap the plus sign that appears in the upper left corner , on clicking on it a list of existing widgets will come up.
  • Tap on the widget you want to add, then tap left and right to adjust the size and shape of the widget.
  • After adding it tap anywhere on home screen to go out of the edit mode.

Steps to Adjust Widgets

  • You can easily adjust the size, shape and location of the widget with ease and it is not at all complicated and will be faster than what you probably imagined.
  • Hard-press on the widget.
  • Tap remove widget to delete the widget from the home screen.
  • Now select Edit home screen to move the widget on another location.

Tapping on Widgets

To use widget in iOS 14 on iPhone you should know all the basics that are behind this and one of them is tapping. Tapping then provides you with some functional information while also allowing you to perform various additional tasks. Tapping on a widget will provide you with all the important pieces of information together with various options to customize the widget as well.

Creating Widget Stack

Use widgets in iOS 14 on iPhone is not only the coolest feature on offer and has brought about a great amount of freshness in the way the icons can be set up making them look more attractive and tidy. Widget stack is basically used for widgets that are occasionally used or that are not used heavily or daily.

  • Select a widget for your home screen.
  • Select another widget that you want to stack with the previous widget and save it on the home screen.
  • Now long press the widget, drag it and place it on top of the other, which in turn will stack both the widget into one.

Creating Smart Stack

Smart stack is another part of widget tinkering that allows you to stack up various other widgets into one.

  • Long press your home screen and then click on the plus sign.
  • Scroll down to find smart stack.
  • As with other widgets scroll sideways to choose the size you want and then tap add widget.

This feature will help you to Use Widgets in iOS 14 on iPhone in a way that you never imagined while also making it very attractive, neat and tidy. Now you have an idea about how to add widgets to your iPhone’s home screen properly.

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The world is developing at a rapid speed and to keep the pace with it we need to save a lot time. To save a lot of time we need shortcuts, but you might feel that shortcuts might not be always the right way but not in all cases. The feature introduced by Apple Manufacturers i.e. to Use Widgets in iOS 14 on iPhone can be considered as a shortcut as it provides you with the ability to view and gather pieces of information of the critical apps that too at a glance.

The introduction of the best iOS 14 widgets for iPhone has not only been celebrated with aplomb but the features it has brought along with it has made life easier, happier and quicker for the Apple iPhone users, by making it much more friendlier and amazingly wonderful.

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