How to View Saved Passwords From Google Chrome? Best Guide

Searching to retrieve and view saved passwords from Google Chrome?

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Google chrome is a great versatile and powerful browser which makes it the most loved browser on any device as it provides you with great security and a variety of browsing options. It is not only capable of keeping a track of your browsing history but also is capable of saving your credentials for various sites that you have logged into some or other time so as to ease the login process. But there can arise a time when you will need to view saved passwords in chrome android for a variety of reasons.

You might need to view saved passwords google chrome to log into another device or signing into a separate online service or an app whose desktop or web version you were using earlier in Chrome, or maybe you need the password to log into an online service or online platforms from another browser. Whatever the reason maybe there will arise a time when you will need to access these passwords in chrome.

Steps To View Saved Passwords From Google Chrome

The steps to view saved passwords from Google chrome is very easy to implement and require no special expertise. Google chrome not only saves your password but also allows very few and simple steps to access all those passwords that you have used for accessing various online services which makes accessing those sites very easy and quick. As soon as you open the sites on chrome, it automatically autofills the credentials making the login process very quick, thus saving you a lot of time.

The steps to view saved passwords from Google chrome are given below that will help you to access the passwords of various sites with high ease and efficiency.

  • Firstly launch the Google chrome on your device, be it computer, iMac, iPhone, iPad or any Android device.
  • Upon opening look on the top right side of the chrome page and locate the three dots icon, then click on it, which will open a drop down menu.
  • Navigate through the drop down menu to look for Settings tab, upon locating it click on it.
  • A chrome settings page will open in the new tab. Scroll down to the Autofill section and select passwords.
  • Now under the saved password sections, you will see a list of websites that you have saved passwords for.
  • You will see that the passwords against the websites is written in ***** this form which is not at all visible but you can easily make them visible with the eye icon next to the password.
  • Click on the eye icon next to the sites password you want to view. Upon clicking it you will find a notification box where you will need to provide the credentials that it asks for.
  • As a security precaution enter the username and passwords that your device asks for and after filling out the form click on OK.
  • To view my saved passwords google chrome you will require to enter a password and username which is the same username and password that you use regularly to access your device as it can be a password, a PIN, a retina scan or biometrics depending on the type of unlocking process you use. In these ways, you’ll retrieve saved passwords google chrome.

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Google chrome has changed the way of browsing as it provides you with a highly-friendly user interface as well as a great amount of security and various other features to increase your overall browsing experience. The most amazing feature that the chrome provides is the ability to view saved “passwords from Google Chrome”, this feature enables you to have a look into all the passwords saved by you while accessing various sites that requires a login authorization. This is considered an amazing provided by the google chrome that saves all your passwords of various sites thus making your task of visiting any site more easier and quicker, thus helping you to quicken your browsing process as well as browsing experience.

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