Vivo V7 Common Problems & Solutions

Vivo V7 & V7 Plus sets are made as a selfie- specialist range. So the main focus of these phones is on the front camera. As India is a good market for Vivo phones these two sets are also quite popular in the Indian market from their launching period. Vivo V7 & Vivo V7+ are very much similar as per their design & features. They don’t have any distinct difference in between except Vivo V7 is a little lower in price than Vivo V7 Plus & has little reductions to its battery capacity, storage, display size. However, there are a few Vivo v7 common problems that users face. We will discuss it in this article.

The Design-

How about we start by discussing the look and feel of Vivo V7 & Vivo V7 Plus. These phones look profoundly roused from the iPhone X, yet in any case, is smooth and moderate. Both phones have a plastic body and are thin to the point that they regularly appeared. For its slim plastic body, it would slip out our hand. Though the phones look very attractive to the eyes, the phones need to be better in terms of technology. Additionally, with various phones in the themed-go portion accompanying metal-clad bodies, we would love to see Vivo adjust to the change as well. But then, because of the plastic built, we did not see any fingerprint smudges on the smartphone during our time with it.

Vivo V7 Specification 

  • 2G/3g/LTE/VOLTE network support.
  • Dual Sim with the expandable slot.
  • 5.5 inch HD LCD Display.
  • Very Compact design with a U-shaped Corner.
  • Screen Protection with cornering Gorilla glass 3 with 2.5D curved glass.
  • The fast Fingerprint sensor can unlock your Phone within 0.2 secs only.
  • 1.8 GHz Octa-core processor with Qualcomm snapdragon 450 chipsets.
  • 14nm processor.
  • 4GB RAM gives a good multitasking experience.
  • Adreno 506 GPU for good graphics.
  • 24 Megapixel front camera with moonlight flash.
  • 16 Megapixel Rear camera with autofocus technology and powerful LED Flash.
  • 32GB/64Gb internal memory.
  • Android version 7.1 Nougat.
  • Supports 128GB expandable memory & also supports OTG.
  • Color Gold & Black.
  • Nonremovable 3,150mAh battery
  • Quick Charging Support.
  • The multi-window feature has been added in Vivo V7.


Vivo V7 Plus Specification 

  • 2G/3g/LTE/VOLTE network support.
  • Dual Sim with the expandable slot.
  • 5.7 inch HD LCD Display.
  • Very Compact design with a U-shaped Corner.
  • Screen Protection with cornering Gorilla glass 3 with 2.5D curved glass.
  • The fast Fingerprint sensor can unlock your Phone within 0.2 secs only, Face Unlock feature.
  • Snapdragon 450 chipsets; octa-core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A53 CPU.
  • 14nm processor.
  • 4GB RAM gives a good multitasking experience.
  • Adreno 506 GPU graphics.
  • 24MP front camera; f/2.0 lens; single LED flash; bokeh effects
  • 16MP rear camera; f/2.0 lens; phase-detect AF; single LED flash; 1080p video.
  • 32GB/64Gb internal memory.
  • Android version 7.1 Nougat.
  • Supports 128GB expandable memory & also supports OTG.
  • Color Gold & Black.
  • Nonremovable 3,225 mAh battery
  • Quick Charging Support.
  • The multi-window feature has been added in Vivo V7.

Obviously, just like the case with any Smartphone or tablet, Vivo V7 Plus & Vivo V7 have their weaknesses as well. Here in this article, we have assembled all the basic issues in Vivo V7 Plus that the clients may experience. We additionally given all the possible solutions to tackle the issues or investigate yourself. Here we will deal with the issues on Vivo V7 Plus like brightness, performance, Apps Force close problem, Overheating, Battery Charging, Mobile Data, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth Connectivity issues. Most normal issues of Vivo V7 Plus & V7 and Their answer and bug fixes.

Vivo v7 Common Problems

Brightness Issue in Vivo V7 & Vivo V7 Plus

Many users have faced problems with the auto low brightness in their Vivo V7 & V7 Plus phones after using a certain period. The problem they faced is much like that the screen brightness is too low that they can’t even see the phone’s notification under sunlight. Or while playing a video the screen brightness lows down automatically. If you ever confront any circumstance like that? all things considered, don’t stress, Here I will manage you on the most proficient method to beat the circumstance identified with brightness on Vivo V7 & V7 Plus. We can beat the low shine issue with some basic arrangement


This splendor issue on Vivo V7 Plus can be settled with the assistance of the application. On the off chance that you have the most recent OTA, at that point overhaul and check whether the brightness issue has illuminated. In the event that on the off chance that despite everything you see the brightness issue. A lasting arrangement will soon be accessible.

Overheating and Drained Battery issue

In the event that we cherish gaming then we realize that these days the vast majority of the phone accompanies bolster for 1K, 2K gaming. Similar to the case, Vivo V7 may overheat or drain the battery on the off chance that we stream online video or play amusements for quite a while. We as a whole definitely realize that the majority of the clients nowadays utilize phones either to play elite computer games or gushing on high-resolution videos. Such utilization of cell phones prompts overheating and battery drainage issues in these devices.


  • Don’t use the smartphone while charging.
  • If you are playing high-resolution videos on a channel like youtube, view the video in low resolution which will help to resolve the problem of overheating.
  • You can uninstall the pre-installed apps of Vivo if you are not using them.
  • You can go to settings> battery and battery setting usage to see which app is using how much battery and uninstall that particular app.
  • You can put a limit to the number of games you have installed or play on Vivo V7 Plus.
  • Subsequent to uninstalling unused applications from the Vivo V7 Plus client can play out a Factory reset.

Windows 10 does not recognize the Phone

A few clients have revealed that Vivo V7 Plus is not recognized by Windows 10 as a capacity gadget. It turns out to be difficult to exchange documents and other media content. Despite the fact that the telephone can even now be charged from PC.


This issue has been settled. You can physically empower USB Debugging mode by following a couple of simple advances.

  • Open Settings-About Phone and continue tapping on Build Number a few times till pop-up comes
  • The pop-up will state “You are now a developer.”
  • In the Setting menu, another alternative will show up called Developer Options. Open it.
  • Tap on USB investigating to empower it.
  • You may need to reboot the phone once.
  • Module the telephone and change USB setup to MTP.

This should resolve the issue and you will have the capacity to exchange the document.

Performance issues 

There have been issues like execution issues with the Vivo V7 & V7 Plus gadget and we generally look the web for How to settle this issue in Vivo V7 phones. It goes for rebooting more than once and at arbitrary. There have been issues of falter and slack too. Now and then there is a fast depleting of the battery notwithstanding when the telephone isn’t being used.


There might be a rogue application which could be the reason for the poor performance. Boot the gadget into Safe Mode. In the event that the issue endures, erase the last few applications you may have introduced before the issue began. The final resort is to play out the production line reset. Be that as it may, do the manufacturing plant reset just on the off chance that it is vital as you will lose every one of your information?

Mobile Data Connectivity Issue

Certain applications and games not playing on mobile data. It has been discovered that some applications when associated with Wi-Fi work extremely well yet when associated with mobile data, they don’t execute also.


  1. The issue is identified with APN settings. Take after these basic advances.
  2. Go to Settings-more systems versatile system get to point names.
  3. Tap on APN for your system.
  4. Change the APN Protocol to IPv4 or IPv4/IPv6.

These settings are available to IPv6. This is the explanation behind issues when certain applications or recreations endeavor to interface with versatile information.

Notification get deleted Automatically

There are reports that the Notification on Vivo V7 Plus & Vivo V7 gets erased consequently. This issue can be settled by following the underneath straightforward strategy which can settle the Notifications get cleared naturally on Vivo V7 Phones.


This isn’t the issue of a bug. It is identified with battery administration. Take after these straightforward advances.

Go to Settings – Battery and afterward handicap Hibernation/Aggressive Dose.

In the event that you need to choose which applications send you notices, you can do it here. . Go to Settings – Battery – Battery Optimization (tap the three vertical dabs at the upper right corner). Here you can choose which applications you need to get warnings from.

Network issues

I have seen numerous clients from all extraordinary smartphone report issues identified with the Connectivity issue. As we stated, this issue is regularly present on some Android telephone. There can be issues with the network on Vivo V7 Plus. Take after the given general strides for availability issues of Vivo V7 & V7 Plus.


Wi-Fi Issues

  1. Turn the wifi router for some minutes.
  2. In the WI-Fi settings of the gadget, tap on overlooking the favored system. At that point include the subtle elements starting with no outside help.
  3. In the WI-Fi Analyzer application, check the level of movement. In the event that expected, change to the extraordinary.
  4. Disable Power Saving Mode in Settings.
  5. Guarantee that the MAC address for the telephone is perceived by the switch.

Bluetooth Issues

  • No power-sparing mode ought to be empowered.
  • Turn the Bluetooth of your gadget on and off.
  • In the event that the issue holds on, go to Bluetooth Settings and clear the reserve.
  • Restart the telephone.

In the event that there are different profiles, at that point perhaps you have surpassed the utmost of profiles you can spare. Erase old and profiles never again being used. At that point take a stab at setting the association from the earliest starting point.

Awful Quality of Front Camera

All things considered, Not every person. A few Users are not happy with the execution and low light arrangements of its front camera. To get the best pictures, discover the beneath steps, despite the fact that we can’t counter the equipment imperatives.


While taking a photo, ensure you have a sufficient measure of light in the zone. That is means you should position yourself in some light to have a decent picture.

Irrelevant light experiences to the sensor, because of the little opening of a cell phone camera. Hence, we get grainy pictures due to low light photography.

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

The speakers of earpieces/hands-liberates sound mechanical autonomy and on the season of a telephone call, it sounds metallic as well, a few clients have grumbled.


Go for another great quality earpiece for completing a telephone call.

Attempt to do another way. Amid a telephone call press the volume up to catch to make the sound louder.

This will make the other individual more capable of being heard and won’t evacuate the automated tone of sans hands.

SD Card Remains Undetected

One of the Vivo V7 Plus & V7 issues saw is that in the wake of embeddings the SD Card into it, now and then it’s not in any case recognized, asserted by clients. In the event that you have just embedded an SD card into space and it is still not being identified, you can experiment with the accompanying Vivo V7 Plus Solutions.


  • Insert the SD card again in the wake of restarting your Vivo V7 Plus.
  • Try to embed your SD card into another cell phone or utilize a card reader to embed it into your PC and Make beyond any doubt Your SD card is working appropriately.
  • Try to organize the SD card on the PC first and after that embed it in Vivo V7 Plus.
  • On the off chance that this doesn’t work, have a go at utilizing another microSD card.
  • If the issue still emerges, take your cell phone to the administration focus as there may be a major issue with the microSD card slot.

Unable to eject the SIM tray

A few clients have revealed that they were not ready to eject the SIM plate out of their cell phones. There can be a few purposes behind that to happen.

In the event that you are not able to eject the SIM plate, you can take after the means underneath.


Ensure you utilize the SIM plate instrument gave the Vivo V7 Plus. It is in a similar box the cell phone sent in relying upon the area, it might be in a cardboard envelope.

In the event that you don’t have the SIM plate discharge device, you can even utilize a paperclip to launch the plate from the cell phone lodging.

Try not to endeavor to pry the plate out; else, you’ll harm it for all time. The best way to take it out is by putting the apparatus into the little opening situated alongside it.

On the off chance that the plate is as yet not turning out, you’ll have to take your cell phone to a confirmed Vivo specialist.

Touchscreen in Not Responding or Slow Responsive

Numerous clients have revealed the error in the touchscreen.

At any rate, this issue can be taken care of effectively. Read here and discover the Vivo V7 Plus arrangements conceivable. To settle Vivo V7 Plus issues connected with the touch screen, take after the directions beneath:


  • Attempt to restart your Vivo V7 Plus and check if the issue is tackled.
  • Ensure your hands are perfect and not wet.
  • Ensure the screen is thoroughly perfect and there are no oil or clean particles.
  • There could be a product issue now and again and the touch screen can’t play out its errands.
  • Attempt to do a factory restore, if nothing works.

All the continuous issues and how to settle them have been examined in detail above. These are little issues and they ought not to keep you from purchasing a decent telephone. All these issues are programming-related. Basic issues in Vivo V7 Plus make clients miserable, in this way, Vivo V7 Plus continues sending updates to help with these issues. Simply guarantee you generally have the most recent variant introduced and make the most of your new telephone. I trust this article will help you to settle the Vivo V7 Plus  & Vivo V7 Problems.

If you are still facing issues with your Vivo V7 & V7 Plus phones and you are unable to solve this as it is a kind of major software and hardware issue then you can visit our service center to resolve the issue.

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