Volume Icon Missing From Taskbar In Windows 10 (Fixed)

You might have come across a situation where the Volume control button is missing from the taskbar. You may see the volume icon is greyed out and you can’t open it. In this article, we will explain you, how to fix Volume Icon Missing From Taskbar in Windows 10 with three simple solutions.


Volume Icon Missing From Taskbar In Windows 10: Solution 1: Via Setting

let us first try to bring back the volume button by toggling some options in Settings. Follow the steps below.


1. Click on the Windows icon and open Settings.

setting in windows 10


2. Go to System.

system in windows 10



3. Click on Notifications & actions. Then on the right side, click on Turn system icon on or off.

Notifications & actions setting in windows 10



4. Toggle the button next to Volume to turn it on.

Toggle the button next to Volume to turn it on.



Volume Icon Missing From Taskbar In Windows 10: Solution 2: By Restarting Explorer


1. Right-click anywhere on the taskbar. Open Task Manager.

open task manager in windows 10


2. Click on explorer.exe and click on End Task below.


task manager in windows 10


3. Then click on File followed by Run new task.


open a new task in windows 10


4. In the Create new task window that opens up, type explorer.exe and click OK.

open explorer.exe in windows 10


Quick Tip: If Explorer crashes frequently and you’ve to restart it then you can create a shortcut and keep. This can be handy. For this:

1. Open a notepad file and type the following command in it:

@echo off
 taskill /f /im explorer.exe
 start explorer.exe

2. Click on File followed by Save As.

3. Choose Save as type as All Files and then save the file with the extension .bat.

This will create an icon on the desktop. Click on it every time you want to restart explorer.





Volume Icon Missing From Taskbar In Windows 10: Solution 3: Via Group Policy Editor


1. Click Win+R to launch Run. Type gpedit.msc in the given field. Click OK.

open gpedit.msc in windows 10


2. Expand Administrative Templates under User Configuration. Then Click on Start Menu and Taskbar. From the list on the right side, Go to Remove the volume control icon and click on it.


fix volume icon problem in windows 10


3. Check that the setting is Not Configured or Disabled. Click OK.


Volume Icon Missing From Taskbar


Any of these adjustments should ideally bring back the volume control icon back to normal functioning. If not, no worries, we can help! Just create a FREE support with us and our technical experts will help you to resolve it within 24 hours.


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Source: Microsoft Community 

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