VPN Secure Review

VPN Secure Review

Hello reader, today we will be discussing VPN Secure in this following article on VPN Secure Review. If you are confused in choosing a VPN service for you, yourself, we hope, this review will be helpful and assisting for you while having a look over VPN Secure.

VPN Secure was launched in Australia in 2010 by VPN Secure pty ltd. You can check the snap of the home page of VPN Secure above. VPN Secure has covered 48 countries across the world and it is still counting ahead. This statement is given in the home page of VPN Secure. Well, this may sound very pretty but we can hardly profit on such statement as there are full of mischief lying in them. According to the users, VPN Secure is just an average software with most of the common and popular sites blocked like Netflix, BBC etc.

VPN Secure is compatible with android, windows, and mac. You can have a glance at their offered facilities. VPN Secure provides multiple protocols like Wifi security and many other things. You can have a wide overview on them by looking through the chart below.

VPN Secure has some key features. It works with some routers and has an option of unlimited simultaneous connections. It uses an OpenVPN facility which is more than standing in the market. It has 69 servers in 48 countries across the world which is according to them, increasing day by day. You can check their plans and bonanzas in the below-given chart.

Now, let’s go through the pros and cons of  VPN Secure Review.


Pros of VPN Secure:

  • VPN Secure is well encrypted. It offers you a variety of encryption policy you can choose from. You can choose a customized encryption policy based on your location and activity. VPN Secure offers you AES-256, AES-128, DES-CBC range of encryption. AES range of encryption is extremely secure and slow too.
  • Torrent is allowed in VPN Secure in 90% of servers. Torrenting is blocked in UK1, UK2, and US10.
  • VPN Secure is extremely bold about their no logging claim. Well, this claim is not reliable always. According to the tests, VPN Secure does not log the following details of the user- IP address, Connection timestamp, Disconnection timestamp, Bandwidth used and DNS request. VPN Secure excludes the username and email address from their n logging policy.
  • VPN Secure has a great UI and gives a comparatively good user experience. This nice and as well easy to use UI can definitely be a pro feature of VPN Secure.
  • VPN Secure comes with a great customer support facility. VPN Secure uses live chat program as the method of customer support. VPN Secure is not the only VPN service uses the live chat facility but there is usually an unending wait for the live chat support. In that comparison, VPN Secure is really good in their customer support option.
  • VPN Secure comes in a quite reasonable price which is definitely a good thing to its users. It comes in just 6.66$/mo rental which is gradually cheap than its rivals.
  • Out of 5 servers, VPN Secure can be used for Netflix in 2. Well, that is not awesome, but good every way. You can surf on Netflix through the servers of Canada and the Netherlands.

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Cons of VPN Secure:

  • There is nothing perfect and with everything good. VPN Secure is comparatively slower than its competitors. You can have a glance over the speed test result.
  • US Server: Ping 117ms; Download 27.18mbps; Upload 24.50mbps
  • Netherlands Server: Ping 37ms; Download 53.62mbps; Upload 45.50mbps
  • Hong Kong Server: Ping 429 ms; Download 1.74mbps; Upload 1.49mbps

VPN Secure Price:
VPN Secure Review

If you are looking for an average and pocket-friendly VPN Service, I will recommend VPN Secure as your preference. But if you are not afraid of the budget but with a premium service quality, VPN Secure should not be your option.

Hope you have found this article on VPN Secure Review helpful while making a choice of VPN. Hope to see you again, soon. Thank you.

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