Water Damage Phone Repair Tips

Water Damage Phone Repair is on peak after Holi. Water Damage is such a common and troublesome problem that caused your smartphone heavy damage even make your phone dead. A little unconsciousness cause you big damage in this water damage phone cases. Recently the season of colors “Holi” went and in craze of taking selfie in putting the colorful  moments in frames people used their phone with in the colorful slash of water but the happiness of clicking pictures in color sometimes cause heavy water damage in your phone. Also the rainy season is coming and while enjoying the rain many of us forget about our phone that stays in our pocket not so enjoying at all. Or you can also mistakenly dropped your phone in the toilet, pool or glass of water. Like these their are many reason of it but you can save your phone still after that.

Water Damage Phone Repair Steps

Firstly the main thing is to remove the device from the water as soon as possible because as long it stays in the water the more water sleeps into the device and affect the delicate circuits and also remove the battery first. Then you can try to clean or dry the water that went inside the phone. You can dry the phone by using vacuum cleaner just take care of that fact that you should not hold the phone very close to the vacuum cleaner. Or you can put the phone in the rice bowl over night, it will also absorb the moister. The other Do’s and Don’ts that you should follow is written bellow.

What You Should Do

1.If your phone has not turned off the first turn the power button off.

2.Remove the phone from the cover if it is in any

3.Remove the Battery, SIM Card, SD card from the phone immediately.

4.Now try to dry the phone with a towel and to extract all the moisture keep the phone in uncooked rice bowl or in a zip-lock bag full of rice for one or two night. You can use vacuum cleaner also as I refer before. Also if you have special Phone drying Pouches in your house then it is very helpful in this situations.

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5.You can You Silica gel instead of rice they absorb much better moisture


6.After two days bring out the phone out of the rice bowl or silica gel packet and insert only battery and put the phone on Charge.

7.If the phone is not Charging then your battery is damaged. And if the phone starts working then also you need to keep eye on the phone for next few days or check the phone by smartphone repair engineers.

What You Shouldn’t Do

  1. Don’t Put the phone in charging while it is wet.
  2. Don’t touch any key or button.
  3. Don’t use hair drier to dry your phone as it don’t take out the moister. Instead it push the water in the device.
  4. Don’t be impatient to turn on the phone before 24 hrs.
  5. Don’t try to heat up your phone by any process.
  6. Don’t move the phone too much because it will make the water spread much deeper in the phone.

How Techyuga Can Help?

If after following Water Damage Phone Repair methods, your phone is still not working then it is important to go to the mobile service center for checkup with out wasting any more time. Techyuga being the best smartphone, iPhone service center in kolkata, we repair water damaged phone very effortlessly. Our Certified engineers are fully capable of repairing all kind of Water Damage Phone even those who have been refused by the authorized Service  Centers. Your phone and the information with in it is very important for you and It is hard to loose those information so don’t wait for anything if your phone is damaged by water.

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Hope the blog helps you to repair the Water Damage Phone of yours.

Watch the below video for step by step tips

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