What is Apple iPad Air Battery Replacement Cost in India?

What is Apple iPad Air Battery Replacement Cost in India

What is Apple iPad Air Battery Replacement Cost in India?

Question: My Apple iPad Air battery is damaged due to a damaged charging port. What is Apple iPad Air battery replacement cost in India?

Answer: There are many ways you can fix or replace your Apple iPad Air battery in India in various ranges according to the ways you choose. The Apple iPad Air battery replacement cost in India must vary and it depends on replacement ways. The Cost of Apple iPad Air battery replacement may range from 6000-8000 INR in India.

NameModel NosPrice Range
Apple iPad Air

Apple iPad Air Battery

₹6000- 8000

If you face any damage or any other issues regarding your Apple iPad Air battery and you search for replacing the battery and want to know the Cost of Apple iPad Air battery replacement with warranty then we can help you to give certain information regarding Apple iPad Air Battery Replacement Cost in India.

Just request a callback to our team and we will get back to you or there is another way that is you can book your Apple iPad Air Battery replacement service online on our website. Also, you get the best service with the original replacing devices.

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There is a different way to replace your Apple iPad Air damaged battery. so, the most potent way to replace your Apple iPad Air battery are:

  1. Apple Authorised service center: When we face any issues regarding our devices then we must think about the authorized service center first. Because we always want to believe in the so-called “Authorized” service centers. We think that they will provide us genuine service and the body parts or battery of devices.

But that is not completely true and that we have to know. If your device is under warranty/guarantee period then you go through the authorized service center. After various independent market research, we found many issues all over India regarding them. These issues are:

  • The first and most important thing is they charged a lot of amounts(almost twice the part’s cost comparing to the market price).
  • Maybe the service center is the First-party or a third party we never know this. ( Because the majority of service centers managed by third-parties).
  • We used to believe their genuinity that is 100% but sometimes you don’t even know if they replace it with a low-cost part.
  • You don’t even know about the repair engineer is well trained or not who will fix your issue. You don’t have an option to see their work or profile.
  • All work is done in the background and that is the most concerning factor regarding them.

2. Local repair shop in your area: The next and easy option you think is the local market in your area or any local repairing shops near you. Sometimes they provide you the lesser Cost of Apple iPad Air battery replacement But this won’t ensure a good quality part and an unreliable warranty. You will face a lot of issues regarding their replacement services. These are:

  • Unprofessional workers: People who are working there are maybe knowledgeable but sometimes they behave in an unprofessional way. They will sit with their friends and continue chatting with them and they do not respond to you properly. sometimes They may tell less Cost to replace Apple iPad Air Battery but paying them will not be satisfactory for you every time.
  • Cheap quality parts: Local shops always ensure you about their original parts for a higher price. They always claim that they give the best replacement service. Do you really think they can have tie-ups with Apple and get original genuine parts from them?

The possible way of giving the original parts is if they took out some parts from their other customer’s device and put them in your device and vice-versa.  Sometimes they offer the same-day battery replacement so, maybe they put damaged batteries or any old battery in your device. Because one-day replacement is not possible if we buy any original battery or other parts of a device from Apple.

  • Unreliable warranty: Most of the local shops don’t provide you any proper bill or maintain any kind of warranty database in the backend. So, you can’t rely on the guarantee given by them because you don’t have any idea about the genuineness of parts.
  • If you visit and replace the battery with them anyway in a matter of days or months you just need to visit Techyuga for repair or replace fix.

4. Do it Yourself: There are various reasons which cause damage to your battery like your device might have a dirty or damaged charging port, charging accessory is defective damage, or non-apple certified or your USB charger is not designed to charge devices.

so, if you face any issues regarding your Apple iPad Air battery then you first check some related issues at home that we mention above or you can buy your device parts or battery from a dependable or trustable online store.

You buy those parts from the online stores and fit them from your nearby shops spending 200-300 RS only. Along with this, you will get decent quality parts for the Apple iPad Air battery with great cost and a dependable guarantee. You can also solve some sorts of issues without anyone’s help. we can assist you by providing our Youtube videos and our tutorial blogs and get the toolbox from this store only.

If you choose Techyuga for replacement service where we provide a better Cost of Apple iPad Air battery replacement with warranty then you will get a various advantage:

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