Whatsapp for Pc : How to Get WhatsApp Service on your PC

It is a decade of digital world. Here we are going to talk about the messenger application. Very few cave men are there, who don’t know what the messenger application is. I know you are not one of them.

Facebook messenger was the only one popular messenger app to communicate with your close ones, but WhatsApp took less time to become number one popular messaging application even than Facebook.

If you are a fan of WhatsApp, and WhatsApp your friends and family day and night using your smartphone, then it is the right time to get this service also on your computer.

The common question is,

How can we get Whatsapp for PC?





To get this service on your computer, you must check, whether your smart phone has the latest WhatsApp version or not. As there is no need to download the application for your desktop or computer, so the latest WhatsApp version on your phone can facilitate your desktop experience with this messenger app.

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Steps to get WhatsApp for PC:

  1. Get the latest version by updating your WhatsApp on your smart phone.
  2. You need to open the WhatsApp web page using your Google Chrome web browser.
  3. You will get the QR code page on your computer. The next step is to open your updated app on your phone. There you need to open the menu and give a single finger tap on “WhatsApp Web”.
  4. Your smart phone camera will open automatically to scan that QR code on your computer screen. Let your smart phone camera do the scan.
  5. After a successful scanning, you can enjoy your messaging application on your desktop.


Some important things you need to keep in mind to get the WhatsApp service on your PC.

  • The internet connection on your smart phone is necessary for the whole time you are using this messenger on your computer.
  • This service has been designed only for the Chrome browser for this moment. So, the Google Chrome browser must be installed on your computer or laptop.

So, the tech evolution from your mobile to computer now gives you the access of your mobile application by scanning the QR code only. Hope you get a better understanding on how to get WhatsApp service on your PC.


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