Best Windows 10 Powerful Tools Ever.

Windows 10 powerful tools are the most fascinating and interesting feature on that the windows 10 can offer. The Windows 8 and 8.1 was doomed as a great failure in the history of Windows operating systems but Microsoft has again proved its worth by introducing the Windows 10 operating system, which is an ever-growing project and you receive new updates every 2-3 months which brings some additional features to it.

With hundreds of features on offer, it is very hard to use all the features and in this process, some of the tools are left behind and are never used. Out of these tools, there are some interesting yet unknown windows 10 powerful tools that you might have or haven’t used or heard off, but they are capable of packing a punch over their weight and help you to get your stuff done faster.

Some Little Known Windows 10 Powerful Tools

There are many windows 10 powerful tools that you use daily, while some of them are not that useful but still, there are some that are left behind or are rather unknown. Here we have prepared a list for you so that you don’t leave them behind as these tools are proven to help you complete your stuff faster.

Nearby Sharing

The nearby sharing tool comes as a new feature which is capable of competing with the android sharing system as well as Apple’s airdrop system. This new tool by Microsoft helps you to share files and documents with other devices but this feature is off by default in the operating system which can be switched on by following some steps:-

Go to settings> Home> System> Shared Experiences and when the next screen appears simply turn on the nearby sharing option.

Windows Reliability Monitor

The windows reliability monitor is a great in-built windows 10 powerful tool that helps you to monitor the performance of your system. It helps you to keep track of the errors and changes made on the windows 10, while also helping you perform diagnostics by addressing the update failures, app crashes and acquiring intel about the newly updated features and this can be performed in a very simple way:-

Open the windows Search> Search for Reliability Monitor and then get started.

God Mode

The God mode is back !! This feature might not be unknown to users who have used it in the Windows 7 but for some, it might be still an unknown feature. This mode is basically a folder that brings together all the basic to a complex list of interesting settings from the control panel and settings app and also unhides some features that are hard to find, thus allowing you to discover additional customization options for the operating system making it one of the most enjoyed windows 10 powerful tool.

Microsoft Timeline

The Microsoft timeline is a great windows 10 powerful tool that can also be seen as browsing history as it helps you to keep track of all the activities performed by you in chronological order. It shows the files, folders and other programs opened by you in a month, while it also provides you with a customizable option to look into the programs opened by you in the previous months.

Cloud Clipboard

The cloud clipboard is a great windows 10 powerful tool as it helps you to perform multi-tasking. This feature introduced by Microsoft requires you to login in your Microsoft account and then you can access the cloud which will enable you to copy some files or documents on your PC and then paste it on other devices making any device you use to feel like your own. Thus it makes you work faster as you don’t need to panic if you have left some important documents you personal PC at home as you can easily access them from anywhere if you have the cloud clipboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find tools on Windows 10?

You can find all the power tools for windows in the settings menu or else you can use the god mode which is a folder that brings together a list of all basic, advanced and interesting tools of control panel and settings menu. You can also Search on Windows search if you know what you need.

What cool things can Windows 10 do?

The windows 10 operating system can pull off some cool stuff that you can even imagine of like chatting with Cortona, changing the view to tablet mode, use of fingerprints or face unlock feature, add a virtual desktop, etc and comes with a huge amount of Windows 10 powerful tools to make your work faster and quicker.

What are the hidden features of Windows 10?

There are so many tools offered by the Windows 10 as some are easily accessible while some of them are switched off or hidden by default in the operating system. These features can be accessed either by searching them or using the God mode, as this mode is capable of unlocking the hidden features helping a lot in boosting your work. Windows reliability monitor, cloud clipboard, Microsoft timeline, etc are some of the hidden features that are highly helpful and powerful.

Is there a God Mode for Windows 10?

Yes, With recent updates the Windows has brought back the God mode from the windows 7 days and has made the Windows 10 much more user-friendly and advanced than ever before.


The Microsoft Windows 10 has become a highly popular operating system that combines the interface of Windows 8.1 and user-friendliness of Windows 7. It is still evolving with new and fresh updates that provide some additional power tools for windows 10 to the user to make the work quicker, safer and faster. windows 10 powerful tools download very easily and safely, and you can also windows 10 power tool update very easily. The above pieces of information shared by us will surely help you to get yourself moving faster than ever while also protecting you from outside threats.

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