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Windows 10 Upgrade Stuck at 99% – Reasons & Quick Fix

Windows 7 Users in Particular, have Problem with Windows 10 Upgrade. Each Time Users attempt to Upgrade their Windows 7 PC, The Windows 10 Upgrade stuck at 99% for a considerable length of time (12 hours or over 24 hours). It remains along these lines for a considerable length of time. All things considered, This is extremely Frustrating to even the calmest of the Person on the planet. Your Screen demonstrates 99% Installation Complete of hours and nothing happens, Not even blunder message put away pop.

Now, Lots of Windows 7 Users are experiencing this issue. We Decided to Write about the issue and offer a couple of Methods to Fix Windows 10 Upgrade Stuck at 99% establishment. Gratefully We Dug profound into the issue and made a rundown of strategies to settle this.

What Are The Reasons for Windows Upgrade Stuck at 99%

There can be Several Reasons why you are having this inconvenience yet most of the time it’s tied in with the following reasons.

1.Struggle with Windows Update

2. Windows 7 refreshes are Pending.

3.Not all that Powerful Hardware.

There can be more Reasons, But there are 4 Methods to Solve this Issue of Windows 10 overhaul struck at 99%. We will come to the heart of the matter straight away and perceive how to settle it.

You Can Check The video Tutorial On Our YouTube Below.

How To Fix Windows 10 Upgrade Stuck at 99% Installation Issue-

Here is some tested solution of fixing the Windows 10 Upgrade stuck issue. Read it below-

Technique 1- Use Windows Media Creation Tool 

So Did you utilized Windows Upgrade Asaistant tools to upgrade your Windows 7 PC to Windows 10? Did Windows Upgrade Assistant tools stuck at 99% Getting your overhaul Ready? In the event that your Answer is Yes at that point, you should need to utilize Windows Media Creation apparatus and check whether the establishment experiences.

This may not generally work for clients, but rather you can attempt it once in the event that you haven’t attempted it yet. I generally want to utilize Media Creation apparatus to Upgrade my and companion’s System. Additionally, it enables you to Download ISO with the goal that you can have Windows 10 out of a Flash Drive and utilize it whenever you need.

Technique 2- Stop Windows Update Service

This is the Method I would Personally Recommend you to Perform First of all. It Involves halting Windows Update Service so that don’t strife with Upgrading process. Windows Update benefit Runs in the foundation and can come in method for Upgrading exactly when its going to wrap up.

I Have seen parcel of clients settling this Windows 10 Upgrade Stuck at 99% issue by simply halting Windows Update Service. So how about we perceive how it is finished. I am accepting you have Upgrade Assistant apparatus open which is stuck at 99%.

Stage 1: Open RUN by Pressing Windows + R key.

Stage 2: Type Services.msc in Run and hit Enter. This will open the rundown of Windows Services. On the other hand, You can Click on Start and look for Services.msc.

Stage 3: You will see the list of Services simply like above picture, Now Scroll Down and Search for Windows Update and Double tap on it.

Stage 4: Now you have Opened Properties of Windows Update Service. Presently, you have to Click on Stop and furthermore Change Start up sort to Manual.

Stage 5: Click on Apply to roll out the improvements. Close Services and sit tight for Windows 10 Upgrading Process to Complete.

In over 5 Steps, we simply Stopped Windows Update benefits so Our Windows 10 Upgrading experiences with no contentions. Along these lines we ensured that our Upgrading doesn’t Clash with refreshing administration.

In the event that Every thing is done well, You will now observe Windows Installation being done easily. Inside couple of minutes you will have the capacity to see Windows 10.

Technique 3- Install Pending Windows 7 Updates

In the event that Method 2 Don’t Work for you then you, should first attempt and introduce refreshes that are accessible for Windows 7. In the event that you are attempting to move up to Windows 10 without Installing Currently Available Updates for Windows 7, You may get the opportunity to see the overhaul procedure stalling out at 99%.

So most importantly simply go to Windows Update, Check for Updates and Install every one of them which are accessible. Presently Use Media Creation device to Upgrade to Windows 10.

This time, Windows 10 Upgrade stuck at 99% ought not occur and Upgrade ought to experience. Inside couple of minutes you will have the capacity to see Windows 10 Start Screen.

Technique 4- Play the Waiting Game

So as a Last resort you can sit tight for the refresh to experience. On the off chance that all the over 3 techniques neglects to settle the update procedure stuck at 99%. At that point you should Wait for establishment to finish.

We have seen Some Users that sat tight for a day or two to dispose of the issue. So now you should simply don’t enable your Computer to Sleep. Give the Upgrade A chance to process begin and Forget it for a day or Two.

In the event that you are having an old PC or Slow Device, at that point this Process can take excessively time. A portion of the highlights may take hours to introduce. Mind you that you should first perform above strategies and afterward simply sit tight for the fruition.

That is it; We have Managed to accumulate this data from different sources. We trust that above techniques causes you to settle the Windows 10 Upgrade stuck at 99% while Installation.  For more error code related blog click here.Follow the Video tutorial for better understanding

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