How to Fix Windows Store Acquiring License Error on Windows 10

Fix Windows Store Acquiring License Error on Windows 10

Windows Store Acquiring License error on Windows 10 facing the problem. People who are regular users of this have at some point in time faced this problem at least once in their lifetime. Windows Store uses the same license as your Windows Operating System. However, at times the Operating System reads the license fine while the Store doesn’t. In this case, the Window Store application remains stuck at the acquiring license stage.

The causes behind this issue could either be with the Microsoft account used to log in to the Microsoft Store or the Store application itself. It might have also been caused by a virus or malware modifying the files of the system. Let’s begin How to Fix Windows Store Acquiring License error.

How to Fix Windows Store Acquiring License Error Step by Step.

Preliminary steps

  1.  Update Windows. Since this is a known and reported issue, Microsoft would probably pus a fix in form of a Windows Update. We could install the update to resolve the issue. Here’s the procedure for performing a Windows Update.

  1. Run a full system anti-virus and anti-malware scan.
  2. Perform an SFC scan to replace missing or corrupt files. Here’s the procedure for an SFC scan.

  1. Run the Microsoft Account and Windows Store Troubleshooter. Go to Settings >> Updates and Security >> Troubleshoot. Select the Microsoft Account and the Windows Store Troubleshooter.

Thereafter, proceed with the following solutions:

1] Check the Data and Time

2] Clear Windows Store cache

3] Re-register Windows Store

4] Restart the system in clean boot mode and find the troublesome app

SOLUTION 1: Checking of the date and time

If the date or time on the system is incorrect, the Windows Store would be unable to read the license. This needs to be checked before anything else. In case the date or time is incorrect, it could be corrected as follows:

1] Search for Control Panel in the Windows Search bar and open it.

  1. Selecting of Date and Time:

In the Internet Time tab, click on Change Settings. It would need Administrator permissions.

Check the box corresponding to Synchronize with an Internet Time Server.

Select in the drop-down menu.

Click on Update now and then on OK.

Try launching the Windows Store after fixing the Date and Time.

SOLUTION 2: Clearing Windows store cache

Search for Command Prompt in the Windows Search bar and right-click on it. Select Run as Administrator.

Type the command wsreset.exe and press Enter to execute it.

Finally, restart the system.

SOLUTION 3: RE-registering windows store

Right-click on the Start button and select Windows Powershell (Administrator).

2] Type the following command and press Enter to execute it:

Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

SOLUTION 4: Restart the system in clean boot mode

It helps to find the troublesome app in particular.

  1. Click on the Start button and then on the gear-like symbol to open the Settings window.
  2.  Select Apps >> Apps and features.
  3.  Click on the troublesome app and select Uninstall to uninstall the app.

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