Windscribe VPN Review:

Though not the fastest one in the business and competition, Windscribe VPN is quite a handy one and reasonably good in the case of industry standard OpenVPN tunneling protocol with 256-bit AES encryption. So, for someone with a demand for a VPN plan that comes with 10GB session bandwidth (per month), Windscribe VPN can certainly prove to be quite a smart buy. So let us Begin Windscribe VPN Review

Despite being a relatively new VPN service, their Chrome extension, which provides free proxy access to users, has already been used by over 630,000 people.

So, far from beating about the bush, let us come straight to the point of discussion, where will be mainly focusing on the pros and cons of Windscribe VPN Review.

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Windscribe VPN PROS:

Strong privacy and encryption: Windscribe supports the best VPN protocols known to man (and women), including OpenVPN, IKEv2, and SOCKS5 protocols.

Curiously, the IKEv2 protocol is used by default, despite OpenVPN being the industry standard. (So you might want to make a mental note to switch back over ASAP when you start using it.)

The reasoning is because you’ll get access to best-in-class AES-256 Cipher encryption (with SHA512 auth and a 4096-bit RSA key) for their desktop apps, and AES_128_GCM cipher for their browser extensions. These technical details will have security professionals salivating.

If you’re not a security professional, just realize that these basically mean “really f-ing secure.”

No known hacks have occurred at either end of this encryption spectrum.

But no matter what, all of the encryption in the world won’t protect you from the very VPN service you’re using. Many of the shady ones log your data. Or they use it to sell to the highest advertising bidder.

That’s not acceptable here.

So to verify, we dug through the snooze-worthy details and discovered that Windscribe does not keep any logs.

They do collect a few details.

This includes about a month’s worth of bandwidth to keep free users in check. Otherwise, they will also keep your OpenVPN username, server, connection time, and amount of data transferred for about three minutes.

Otherwise, their terms are pretty standard an in-line with the rest of the VPN market. No secrets or fine print that might come back to haunt you in the end.

No Leaks, No Viruses = Safe to Use

DNS and WebRTC leaks give users a false sense of security.

You don’t actually know they exist. You have no way of knowing when they occur.

The only way to spot them is to actively check the IP address your client is showing, with the one that each test actually sees.

The two better match.

Because if not, it means that everyone else observing this connection can also see where you’re truly located.

Windscribe’s leak tests show up under the Pros column for a good reason:

No leaks detected across five tests.

WebRTC leak test result:

IP leak test result:

DNS leak test result:

Leak test result 5

Just to triple check, we also ran their installation files through to make sure you weren’t exposing your devices to any other hidden, malicious software.

These tests also came out clean. Three cheers for Windscribe.

3. Windflix Feature to Bypass Netflix Restrictions

Windscribe’s normal servers won’t work with Netflix (we got zero out of three when testing).

If you have the impression that you can simply connect to any of their US or UK servers and start to use Netflix, you might be disappointed.

However, they do have special “Windflix” servers. And here’s where our luck turned around.

Both Windflix servers we tried, including the UK and US ones, worked perfectly.

  • WINDFLIX US (New York – Radiohall)
  • WINDFLIX UK (London – The Tube)

All in all, you can stream Netflix using Windscribe. If you’re using the right, Netflix-compatible Windflix ones.

4. Torrenting is Allowed

A VPN can help safeguard torrenting sessions, creating that impenetrable tunnel around your internet connection to keep you safe.

But a VPN won’t do you any good if it doesn’t work allow restriction-free use.

Some are starting to discourage or ban torrenting to make sure they don’t fall into any issues with DMCA complaints. Others will offer torrenting servers, but only a handful of them at best.

Where does Windscribe fall?

Technically, the allow it. Here’s a statement from their FAQ page regarding torrenting:

They also have tutorials on how to configure the following torrent clients:

  • uTorrent
  • Deluge
  • qBittorrent
  • VUZE

However, not all of their servers support torrenting.

Supports Multiple Devices Across Most Platforms

This might be one of Windscribe’s best aspects.

They have built-in apps for almost every platform imaginable.

That includes the basics, like Windows, Macs, iOS, and Linux. But it also extends to browsers with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Plus, they’ll also throw in a few smart TV apps for Amazon, Nvidia Shield, and Kodi.

Oh, and you can connect unlimited devices, too.

Pretty awesome, right?

They’re also compatible with routers, however, this will involve a few manual steps to go through the standard OpenVPN option as a workaround.

You can also connect gaming consoles through these routers. Otherwise, there are no pre-built options to point, click, and install.

6. User-Friendly App

We downloaded Windscribe apps on both Windows and Android devices.

The 14.4MB Windows install file only took about a minute to install. Here’s what the app’s interface looked like upon opening it for the first time:

Next, we clicked the drop down to cycle through their 124 data centers in 51 countries:

The Dallas server only took around ten seconds to connect. Not bad!

Next up, we installed the 12.30MB Google Play file on an Android and were up-and-running in no time.

Unfortunately, unlike the computer app, there were a few restrictions.

For example, the mobile app only provided access for up to 56 servers (vs. the 124 we saw earlier). We could no longer select individual cities in the U.S., but instead had to settle for “US Central.” We’ll unravel this odd discrepancy under the Cons section below.

Overall, though, usability was smooth and there were no major issues, lags, or crashes.

Windscribe VPN CONS:

  • Next, we will be talking about the cons of this Windscribe VPN in greater detail.
  • Primarily we will be glancing through the cons of Windscribe.
  • Windscribe is slow.
  • Support useless.
  • And they’re a bit pricey.
  • Especially when you don’t have access to all of the servers you’re supposed to have access to.

Canadian Jurisdiction Inside Five Eyes

Windscribe is located in Toronto, Canada.

Canada is a founding member of the 5- eyes-jurisdiction that dates back to World War II. Not great by itself. But even worse when you consider that this alliance means both the U.S. and UK can get their grubby hands on your personal data.

And Windscribe would have no option but to comply if forced.

The chances are slim, no doubt.

But there is a chance.

So that’s a risk you need to be comfortable living with.

2. Slows Down Your Internet Connection to Less Than 50%

Windscribe’s server performance placed them towards the bottom third of our rankings at 51 (out of 74).

This ranking was the direct result of a combined server score.

Windscribe VPN Review

U.S. Central Server

  • Ping: 140 ms
  • Download speed: 29.74 Mbps (70% slower)
  • Upload speed: 2.07 Mbps (96% slower)

UK Server

  • Ping: 46 ms
  • Download speed: 17.25 Mbps (82% slower)
  • Upload speed: 4.86 Mbps (91% slower)

EU Server

  • Ping: 92 ms
  • Download speed: 42.97 Mbps (56% slower)
  • Upload speed: 5.12 Mbps (90% slower)

Windscribe’s servers were consistently slow across the board. The upload speeds were especially atrocious, slowing speeds over 90% in each case. We even used a “Premium” account for these speeds!

Questionable Support (Using Bots)

Some VPN companies still live in the Stone Age of customer support.

They only offer FAQs, forums, or ticket-based systems that can take days to get a response.

Windscribe, in comparison, features a chatbot.


Finally, a simple, fast way to get easy questions answered.

We were pretty excited to ask “Garry” about that odd zero server number under New Zealand.


Now comes the money of the business deal. No eulogizing, no fancy.

Windscribe has three paid plans.

Windscribe VPN ReviewThe monthly one falls around the middle of what you’d expect at $9 monthly. Whereas the annual and biannual plans offer massive discounts of over 55%+.

The Yearly Plan is $4.08/month, while the Biannual Plan is only $3.70/month (paid in full).

Payment options include PayPal, Credit Card, and Bitcoin.

If you’re unhappy for any reason, you can request a refund.

BUT, and this is a big but:

  • You have to request the refund within three days of purchasing a plan
  • And you can’t use more than 10BG of bandwidth during that time

Windscribe refund policy

We found in our Windscribe VPN Review this is a pretty terrible refund policy, to be honest.

If you have any doubts, don’t sign up. Instead, go forward with their free option for a little bit before committing. Because once you’ve paid, your money is basically gone.

Just keep in mind that the free option only allows access to 14 server locations and 10BG of data each month.

Also, don’t be naive. Hope you will like Windscribe VPN Review. Stay tuned for more.

Also, Check Our VPN Section Where You will find  Lot’s Of Other Best VPN.

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