How to Setup ZXW 3.0 Micro Soldering Tool Step by Step Guide

ZXW 3.0 Micro Soldering Tool

ZXW Tool is the best micro soldering tool is available in the market.ZXW Tools is the preferred software for iPhone and iPad logic board repair and some other phone logic board repair. In this article, we are going to explain everything about ZXW 3.0 Micro Soldering Tool.

What is ZXW Tool:

ZXW (Zillion X Work) Tools is a Windows Software that allows you to follow traces/nets in many popular devices. This is a must-have for board level repair and saves countless hours when compared to manually reading schematics.

The software is constantly updated and has changed a great deal over time.

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ZXW Tools USB Dongle Schematics PCB Repair Tool
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ZXW Tool features:

  • IC/Part Identification/Searching
  • Trace/Net identification
  • Highlighting net based on pad selection(Red)
  • Ground Pads highlighted by default (Grey)
  • N/C (Not Connected) Pads highlighted by default (Blue)
  • Tracerouting map
  • Part Images
  • Includes many external flexes
  • Blackfish – Schematics Library that crosses references with ZXW
    and MUCH more.

This tool is used by a specialist for micro soldering Level 3 Diagnostic.

What is the primary use :

invented by the ZXW team, ZXW is software for viewing various schematics. The ZXW software is easy to operate, which helps you a lot when repairing your phones.ZXW contains schematics such as mobile phones, chips, fonts, and advanced design drawings.ZXW Tools is the preferred software for iPhone and iPad logic board repair.

The schematics in the software are updated automatically when the program is run, so there is no need to download new software upon a new iPhone or iPad release. New versions of the ZXW tools software are updated occasionally,

You Can Download the software from here if you don’t know Chinese need to worry about the Chinese language.

Download ZXW 3.0 Tool

Download 2019 latest version of ZXW 3.0 tool below.

ZXW Tools v3.0 + Microfish v3.0 (latest version)
ZXW Tools v2.6 + Blackfish v2.0
ZXW Tools v2.5 + Blackfish v1.6
ZXW Tools v2.4 + Blackfish v1.5
ZXW Tools v2.3 + Blackfish v1.4
ZXW Tools v2.1 + Blackfish v1.4

How to Set Up and Install ZXW Tools Dongle:

If you recently purchased ZXW Tools or ZXW 3.0 Micro Soldering Tool and no clue how to set it up? Here is a quick guide detailing the installation process step by step.

Step by Step How to Setup and Install ZXW Tools Dongle:

Step 1

Unbox the ZXW tools dongle and plug it into your Windows PC. ZXW tools (not support Mac at this time) so you’ll need a Windows-compatible box.

Step 2

Download the ZXW Tools software. The ZXW tools website is in Chinese, but lucky for you, we’ve made it easy for you to download the latest version of their software directly from our website. The zip file contains all of the files necessary to run ZXW Tools (trace) and Blackfish (schematics). There is no installation process. You just need to copy the files over to a directory on your desktop.

Step 3

After you’ve copied all of the files over to a folder on your desktop, then just run the ZXW tools executable.

ZXW 3.0 Tools

Step 4

The default language is Chinese, so you’ll want to change the language to English. To do that, select the fourth menu option with some Chinese characters and “(T)” at the end of it, then select the middle option, which is the Settings menu.

ZXW 3.0 Tools

Change the language to “English”, click on “save selected”, then “Ok”.

ZXW 3.0 Tools

Restart ZXW 3.0 Micro Soldering Tool and the language should now be English.

Step 5

To load one of the schematics for a certain phone, just select the phone model from the list on the left and double click. The schematics are updated periodically via the internet, so there is no need to buy a new dongle or download the software with each new update. It’s done automatically.

ZXW Micro Soldering Tool

We are done.

We hope this article on ZXW 3.0 Micro Soldering Tool. These tools help you on your micro soldering job for iPhone iPad and other smartphones logic board. If You Want professionals. We recommend “Techyuga” as your destination.

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