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Android buttons not working (Fixed)

By August 9, 2016 One Comment
Android buttons not working

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Is the smartphone you are using having an issue? Well I am asking about the android buttons not working or android softkeys are not working issue. The android buttons not working has become a major issue for all the android user. However we have found a solution which might sound unorthodox or some of you might also say that why use an external app to run phone buttons? Well, something is better than nothing. Today, we are going to talk about an app which is actually pretty good. you can customize it, according to your choice and it solves the android buttons not working issue.

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Android buttons not working :


The app I am talking about is SIMPLE CONTROL app. It’s an external softkey app for your android smartphone.

Well, now let me tell you what this app really does –

When your android soft keys stops working because some internal error and no matter what you try it still does not work this app comes into the picture any android user will find this app in GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

It’s just not about this app there are more apps like these like –





These are the few apps that are also similar to Simple Control.

Now let me tell you how you can use this app to solve your android button problem or softkey issue.

It’s really easy to use like really easy all you need to do is –

1. Install the App from Google Play Store


2. Go to settings



3. Then click on accessibility



4. Then you will find the option called simple control click on that

Simple Control


5. Then turn it on.



That is it you have your own customized softkeys now.

If you want to learn the technicalities or the features of the app to use it for your android softkey problem you can watch this video.



I hope “Android buttons not working” is fixed for you by this simple solution. If you need additional help, you can already live chat with our technical experts for get support for android device by creating a support ticket HERE.


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