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Wanna know the best torrent sites for downloading movies, music, and games? Then you have landed in the right place.

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Torrent sites have been the partner of many around the world for some time now for downloading movies, games, music, e-books, or any new content and there were hundreds of sites to download all these kinds of stuff but with piracy, privacy is in danger. Now certain ISPs have closed various sites under the pressure applied by the various Governments but still, there are some sites that are 100% working and provide you with a great list of fresh and new content.

Top List For The Best Torrent Sites

Torrents are used for a variety of reasons but are especially useful when it comes to sharing large files or sharing files with a large number of people.

However, you must be aware that one of the greatest dangers associated with torrenting relates to the integrity of the files being shared. As one of the most popular and widespread P2P sharing protocols, torrents are a big target for hackers, unscrupulous advertisers, and other parties looking to infect systems.

So it’s highly recommended that you should get a VPN and antivirus software for your system before accessing torrent sites. There are many lifetime deals websites like Appsumo and Pitchground, from where you can get a lifetime subscription for many VPNs and antivirus at a discounted amount. Check out the latest Appsumo deals and the latest Pitchground deals on VPN and Antivirus, and start downloading files from torrent now.

1337X – Best Torrent Site For Games

The 1337x is considered as one of the best torrent sites for games but also provides some great options for music, movies and Ebooks. It is considered highly versatile and possesses a great friendly user interface that is very easy to use and can be easily used by even a newbie as well. It consists of a media library, top list according to time and categories, and provides you a download speed of up to 7 to 10 Mbps making it a very fast downloadable and loved site.

The Pirates Bay – Best For Ebooks and Anime

The pirates bay is one of the oldest and best torrent sites which is still functioning and has held his fort with pride and grandeur. It still functions with its classic old interface making it highly user-friendly and provides a great return amount of search results and related search results as well. The pirates bay being one of the oldest torrent sites it is highly used and regarded as one of the best torrent sites for downloading Ebooks and Anime series.

Torrentz2 – Best Torrent Site For Music

Torrentz2 is the newer version of the older torrentz website, while the latter was used as a multipurpose downloading site the former is designed to become the best torrent site for music. Moreover, it’s new avatar has made downloading any music collection very easy due to the fact that it has retained its older versions user interface and provides downloading speed up to 6 Mbps which is very fast.

RARBG – Best For New Content

RARBG was introduced in and around 2008 and with the passage of time, it has built a reputation in providing the user with fresh and new content owing to its active community and seeding list that it provides. RARBG is known to provide a great number of fresh contents than any other torrent sites are unable to provide.

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Torlock – Best Torrent Site For Software

If you are looking for torrent sites for software then the Torlock site is regarded the best as it possesses a great number of software for every device you can find, mobile, tablets, laptops and many more. The Torlock also provides you with some top list based on categories that make your search very easy and comfortable.

YTS – Best Torrent Sites For Movies

If you are looking for downloading movies than yts is the best torrent site for movies as it has a great active community that update their site every day and provide great downloading speed. Yts is one of the best torrent sites as it has a great user-friendly interface that keeps things simple yet does the job efficiently.

Zooqle – Best Torrent Site For Movies and TV Shows

Zooqle is another torrent site for movies that provides a list of thousands of TV shows and movies that are easy to download with lightning-fast speed.

Eztv – Best For Tv Shows

Eztv is one of the best torrent sites that provide a huge amount of downloadable content regarding TV shows all around the world and that too without paying a penny or adds.

Lime Torrents – Best Backup Plan

The lime torrents can be a great back up plan if your favourite torrent site is down as it might not be the best but can come as a great backup.

Torrent Downloads – Best Torrent site for Obscure Findings

The Torrent downloads is another backup site for the torrentz2 site as it is not only capable of finding music files but also for finding obscure torrents while providing a neat and clean user interface.

Though all of the above torrent sites are great for searching and downloading stuffs of your choice still due to the Government protocols some ISPs might have blocked the site, and in that case “Try out some VPNs” as they will help you out a lot.

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If you want to download pieces of stuff that are hard to find or might cost you a fortune then these are some of the best torrent sites that offer the same. On a personal basis, my favourite is the 1337x as it provides a great number of search results for games, TV shows, movies, music and much more stuff. It has a very neat and easy to use interface that also comes with many categories to help you find the specific stuff you are searching for without sweating over scrolling up and down.

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